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Light-bulbAvengers Alliance (iPhone version) Tips, Cheats and Tricks

by Evan Hutchinson - Jun 27, 2013 Star_s13,131 views

If you want to earn mastery stars as quickly as possible, fight the hardest battles that you can possibly beat, and save your frag grenades and your high-stamina attacks until each enemy has very few hit points left, then use them to achieve epic overkill, which will cause your score to skyrocket, thus earning stars quicker.

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12-em-plus add reply

I think the iphone game is pointless, if I could port my facebook game to it then I'd happily play it but I'm level 157 and I aren't willing to start again, it seems so stuip they won't allow you to link the saves, you can't even use your facebook save on the playdom site...
so, so pointless...

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