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Question-whiteExtra lives from friends vanished! What happened?

by Julie Alsip Bucknam - Jun 30, 2013 Star_s3,077 views

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This is a known issue, the bug section is drowning in reports, just add your own and be as specific as possible if you do. 

OFFICIAL BUG REPORTING FORUMS: https://forums.king.com/en/forum/candy-crush-saga/bugs-known-issues-ccs


The same thing happened to me I was gutted as I had 500 lives & they disappeared. I can only think I must have pressed the check all then gone to accept without realising as I was stuck on a level & tried to do it to quick so I went a bit finger fast lol. I only knew about it when I came to use extra lives friends gave me that they had all gone and as you can only have a maximum of 5 it took every single 1. I sent out loads of requests for lives & now im stocked back up with lives (800) on my galaxy note 2 (can't cope with playing on laptop)& I cant use them all as soon as I do more are being sent to me I just hope it doesn't reset back to 5 when it reaches 1000 that will be my worst nightmare its too addictive so I playing as fast as I can but making sure that check all box isn't ticked

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