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Light-bulbNeed land deeds

by Heather Jayne Cooper - Jun 30, 2013 Star_s19,545 views

I can't get land deeds from anywhere, please help!

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I am in that same exact position as we speak. It is just so frustrating as Land Deeds are literally the only thing I have none of.
Bolts are bad enough in their scarcity but you just can't do anything without LD's. For two weeks now, playing several session daily, I have been given, found or bought, one, I repeat ONE land deed. I'd be happy to buy them to a point although it seems like this is the money maker but how do you do this using dimonds as you can't ask Tim to find them?
I don't mind a challenge by any means but it is to the point where the game is becoming unplayable because of this. Come on Supecell, throw us a bone on this one!


it is absolutely ridiculous, I havent been able to get any land deeds. So far all my expansions have been with the free diamonds BUYING the deeds.
I've read on a few forums to plant and harvest Wheat/Different Crops (including Carrot, Corn, Soy, Sugar Cane) only to end up utterly frustrated. Guess there is gotta be some way for them to make money in the game, hence the purchase of diamonds & therefore paying for the missing mats... :(

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