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Light-bulbStuck on level 31

by Leighann Osborne - Jul 01, 2013 Star_s96,581 views

There doesn't seem to be enough time to collect 28,000 points on level 31 to clear it. What's the secret?

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...and here we go, yet another Level 31. We are really getting served personalized versions of this game!!!


Take a look here! http://www.petrescueguru.com/pet-rescue-saga-level-31/ I think you'll be helped. Good luck.


Ive tried everything mentioned and I still cant get anywhere near the points needed. Any ideas please x


Try to unlock the key using as little oves as possible. Then, use it to unlock the locked boxes which will get you the points you need. Once you've done that you'll be able to get the rockets within one or two moves to unlock the caged pets. Use the balloons to get rid of certain colors and the boxes undee the pets which will bring them to the bottom and save them. Once the locked boxes are unlocked its easy to achieve the required points.


pet rescue saga level 31 walkthrough with new layout, no boosters: 

make clusters with a lot of same blocks to get many rockets. Don't mind the marble stone blocks, leave them locked. 

pet rescue saga level 31


I also am stuck on level 31


No hints? Hmmmm.....

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