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Light-bulb How do you get the cows that give cream?

by Peppy Fa - Jul 02, 2013 Star_s551 views

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12-em-plus add reply

You buy the cow from the list of supplies,,,,it gives 4 cream at a time and moos.


hi just click on the cow and calf,every 6 hrs


Yup! Got mine, too! They are really cute! Hooray! :)


Yep got it yesterday. Got a mama cow and baby. so cuttteeee :)


They just started a new thing where you have to have a Garlic Stall, Pineapple Stand, Potatoe Truck, Lettuce Patch, Calf. and when you complete everything, you get a Cow that gives cream. Why you need a Cow roaming around your Restaurant is beyond me.


It may have been a bonus a long time back. The only cream cows I've seen are players with close to 2000 stars.


yep, one of my neighbors in cv has 8 of those creamery cows. i visit and harvest to get the i want one!!


this was asked by a fellow player in one of the chat sites..... I answered that she must mean another game, but she insisted that its chefville..... so I thought I wouldnt hurt to ask,, maybe someone would know something more that the rest of us......
thanks for the reply


you dont, you have to buy the creamer in your supplies.

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