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1 Level 729 175 people
2 Level 36 155 people
3 Level 470 145 people
4 Level 206 133 people
5 Level 42 131 people

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Light-bulbWhy are my games levels different than the videos?

by Phyllis Moehlmann - Jul 04, 2013 Star_s528 views

Why doesn't my game level match any of the videos? I am on level 66 and can't seem to get enough points but the video helps for level 66 are a totally different game level ?

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12-em-plus add reply

I'm also on level 66 and can't seem to ever get enough points!!! Dd you end up beating it? Any help would be appreciated!


I really don't know. Maabe it has somehing to do with the recent mobile launch? 
Old accounts and new ones seem to have different layouts.

But it seems that if you connect an old account to your mobile device and then reconnect the app  with a virgin account, the virgin seem to get old levels it seem. 

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