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Light-bulbThe Supply Depot

by Tonya Collins - Jul 04, 2013 Star_s11,074 views

-Gated at level 23
-2 New Free Gift crops – Gold Forge (3 hour harvest), Goldenrod (8 hour harvest)
-New Collection - Java Llama
-New Tree- Java Nut – takes 2 caffeinated water
-1 wrapper for next Monday
-Espresso Boost - gives your avatar treble speed on all actions , and DOUBLE DROPS from Decorations!


It's time to trade some of our junk in for some gold rush pioneers treasure!
As folks pile in to the Wikiwah River in the hope of panning for some of the shiny stuff, they're going to need to have some pretty long lists of supplies, so that sounds like the perfect time to let those entrepreneurial brothers, Bart and Bert, to roll with their latest idea, the Supply Depot.
The Supply Depot will give us the ability to take items we've got an abundance of and trade them for goodies!

First up we check inside to see what folks are after and are given various lists by Bart and Bert. The items can be either request items (of either type) or just homestead drops from Old missions!
Fulfilling each request gives a set payment of Gold Dust and then finishing an entire list gives extras! But now comes the question... what will Gold Dust do?

Well, it's a brand new currency that will be used in the new Gold Dust Market where we can trade our Gold Dust in for boosts, Free Gift Crops, normally premium goodies and even the elusive Royal Sceptre from the Jack's Gold missions!
The contents of the market will change around regularly so it's a chance we may see more hard to get items!


~~~~~~What We Need: ~~~~~~

20 Okra (Mission 1)
Steel Forges (Building Stage 1, drop Hammer Heads)
Bull Thistle (Mission 2, drop Price Stickers)
Gold Forges (Building Stage 2, drop Fancy Bits, free gift)
Asparagus (Building Stage 2, drop Fibrous Straps)
Pink Lilies (Building Stage 3, drop Ornate Tiling)
Flax (Building Stage 3, drop Tough String)
Bamboo (Building Stage 3, drop Curtain Rods)
30 Goldenrod (Mission 4, free gift)
Lemon Mint (Building Stage 4, drop Free Treats)
Popcorn Kettles (Building Stage 4, drop Metal Widgets)
50 Gold Forges (Mission 5, free gift)
Tend 15 Adult White Llamas (Mission 3); Also need for Building Stage 3 (drop Soft Rugs)
Olive Trees (Building Stage 2, drop Llama Treats)
Peach Trees (Building Stage 4, drop Solid Planks)
Coffee Trees **OPTIONAL** to heal exhausted llamas--which can contribute to gain collection items needed for the wrapper that will be released on Monday July 8)
Grass (Building Stage 2, drop Fresh Hay)
12 Chops on non-sapling Pine Trees
Oak Trees (Building Stage 1, drop Spare Handles)


1. Supply and Demand
-Chop non-sapling Pine Trees 12 times
-Harvest 20 Okra
-Place the Supply Depot
Rewards: Java Nut Tree, 3 Escargot Boosts, 30 Gold Dust
Notes: Okra is in the market.

2. First Order of Business
-Complete an Order
- Gather 9 Price Stickers
-Upgrade the Supply Depot
Rewards: 2 Olive Trees, 3 Gold Forges, Mulled Gold Cider boost
Notes: Orders are inside the Supply Depot.

3. Boostin The Business
-Complete 3 Daily Orders in one day
-Tend Adult Standard Llamas 15 Times
-Upgrade the Supply Depot
Rewards: Shaggy Llama, 3 Goldenrod, Coffee Tree
Notes: Daily Orders are found inside the Depot. Adult Standard Llamas are white, not shaggy.

4. The Colour of Money
-Complete three Supply Depot Orders
- Harvest 30 Goldenrod
-Upgrade the Supply Depot
Rewards: Regal Beaver, 3 Popcorn Kettles, Jewelled Llama Statue
Notes: Supply Depot Orders are fulfilled from inside the Depot menu. Goldenrod are a free gift. 5

5. Money Machines
-Buy two unwithers in the Gold Dust Market
-Harvest 50 Gold Forges
-Finish the Supply Depot
Rewards: 5 Cattle Power, Espresso Boost, 150 Gold Dust
Notes: Gold Forges are a free gift item.

Wrapper: Caf-Fiends (Monday July 8th)
-Complete the Java Llama Collection 8 Times
-Harvest Java Nut Trees 12 times
-Spend 1'000 Gold Dust in the Market
Rewards: Golden Coffee Maker, 3 Espresso Boosts, Smoked Buffalo Ribs
Notes: The Javal Llama Collection drops most regularly from healed Exhausted Llamas and Supply Depot items. We receive a Java Nut Tree as a mission reward.

~~~~~~Building Guide:~~~~~~

Stage One
12 Clothing Racks - Wall Post
8 Rock Vapourisers - Wall Post
10 Sifting Pans - Direct Request
10 Minin' Duds - Direct Request
6 Hammer Heads - Steel Forges
12 Spare Handles - Oak Trees

Stage Two
12 Llama Bridles - Crafted
10 Alpaca Packs - Crafted
15 Spit Guards - Wall Post
14 Leadin' Ropes - Direct Request
10 Llama Treats - Olive Trees
12 Fresh Hay - Grass
Crafting: Each Bridle requires 4 Fancy Bits (Gold Forges) and 6 Spit Halters (Direct Request)
Each Pack requires 4 Fibrous Straps (Asparagus) and 6 Used Rucksacks (Wall Post)

Stage Three
10 Storefront Signs - Crafted
12 Plush Curtains - Crafted
15 Rustic Paintings - Wall Post
20 Bright Paints - Direct Request
12 Ornate Tiling - Pink Lillies
18 Soft Rugs - Standard Adult Llamas
Crafting: Each Sign requires 6 Tough String (Flax), 9 Blank Planks (Direct Request) and 5 Fancy Writin' (Wall Post)
Each Curtain needs 4 Curtain Rods (Bamboo) and 5 Smooth Velvet (Wall Post)

Stage Four
8 Auto Vendors - Crafted
12 Rapid Deliverers - Crafted
20 Shopping Carts - Wall Post
18 Critter Conveyors - Wall Post
15 Block N Tackles - Direct Request
20 Free Treats - Lemon Mint
Crafting: Each Vendor requires 8 Metal Widgets (Popcorn Kettles), 12 Broken Carts (Wall Post) and 6 Minin' Supplies (Direct Request)
Each Deliverer requires 6 Solid Planks (Peach Trees), 9 Giant Winches (Direct Request) and 4 Snow Spades (Wall Post)


~~~~~~Inventory Limits~~~~~~

Recycled Screws Maximum 40
Gold Fleck Maximum 20
Gold Chunk Maximum 30
Ice Chunk Maximum 25
Siftin’ Pans Maximum 25
Minin’ Duds Maximum 25
Recycled Washers Maximum 15
Spare Hammer Maximum 20
Spare Boots Maximum 20
Rock Vaporizer Maximum 30
Dynamite Stick Maximum 15
Spare Pick Maximum 15
Spare Helmet Maximum 20
Ripe Pumpkin Maximum 30
Plump Boysenberry Maximum 25
ripecorn Maximum 40
Carved Honeydew Maximum 20
Petite Tomato Maximum 48
Survival Kit Maximum 35
Safety Goggles Maximum 25
Small Trowel Maximum 40
Wooden Beam Maximum 32
Wood Saw Maximum 30
Climbing Belt Maximum 30
Stone Chisel Maximum 35
Medicinal Tea Maximum 30
Blackberries Maximum 40
Recycled Nails Maximum 25
Tea Leaves Maximum 30
Spinach Salad Maximum 20


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