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Light-bulbCelestial Pastures Chapter Quest 6

by Judy Thompson Parker - Jul 08, 2013 Star_s610 views

Celestial Pastures Quest Chapter 6
Quest Story: Bop and the Sloog have discovered some adorable baby alienamals. Will you help them care and provide for the babies?
Expected duration of the Farmville Celestial Pastures Quest is from 15th July 2013 to 22nd July 2013Note: These quests are specific to the Celestial Pastures Farm and hence, before placing any quest animals on other farms, make sure that the quest icon shows up on the other farm too, else their harvests might not count… Also, any info about unreleased quests can't be guaranteed to be the final requirements when the quests go live, as Zynga can change them at any time later...These quests are repeatable… Also, make sure you read the FULL POST, so that you don't miss out any important tips

[b]Quest 1 Cat and Cradle[/b]


[b]1. [b]Get 7 Alien Baby Blankies[/b][/b][b]
2. [b]Harvest 100 Space Dust Sugar Cane
3. [b]Harvest Space Guardian 2 Times [/b][/b]

REWARD Baby Space Goat

[b][b][/b]Quest Tips:Space Guardian can only be harvested once per 23 hours… unless you pay farm cash to speed it up[/b]



[b]Quest 2 [/b][b]Bottle Racket[/b]


[b]1.[b]Get 8 Alien Baby Bottles[/b][/b]

[b] 2. [b]Harvest 140 Sun Fade Barley[/b]
3. [b]Harvest Baby Space Goat 2 Times[/b][/b]

REWARD Baby Elphanant

[b][b][/b]Quest Tips:[b]Crop Alternatives – none….Harvest the goat in the playpen[/b][/b]




[b]Quest 3 Changing Minds[/b]


[b]1.[b]Get 9 Alien Rattles[/b][/b]
[b]2. [b]Harvest 170 Milky Strawberries
3. [b]Make 2 Hyper Speed Thrusters[/b][/b]

REWARD Baby Baboorine

[b][b][/b]Quest Tips:Crop Alternatives : None . Make the Hyper Speed Thrusters in theCraftshop[/b]

Quest 4 Reactor’s Nightmare

1.[b]Get 9 Remote Controls[/b]
2. [b]Harvest 200 Thuck Wheat[/b]
3. [b]Master Baby Space Goat to 1 Star[/b]

REWARD Clicker Tree

Quest Tips:Crop Alternatives – none…. Harvest the Goat in the Playpen

Quest 5 Brax Machine

1. [b]Get 10 WW Batteries[/b]
2.[b]Harvest 240 White Dwarf Sunflower
3. Make 2 Wooly Socks in the Yarn Barn[/b]

REWARD Battery Rabbit

Quest Tips:Crop Alternatives… None … Note the Battery Rabbit transforms with the Sunny Float Field…For the Craft check out the DF Yarn Barn Guide

Quest 6 Brax On, Brax Off

1.[b]Get 12 Rain Songs[/b]
2.[b]Harvest 280 Dazzlers
3.[b]Make 2 Milky Crepes[/b]Quest Tips:Crop Alternatives – none … For the craft check out the DF Crystal Cottage Guide

REWARD Space Goat

Total quantity of bushels required for all the crafting in this quest is as below:6 Sunfade Barley, 6 Raspberry, 2 Applewood Baskets, 6 Milky Strawberries, 6 Thuckwheat, 6 Space Dust Sugar Cane


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