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Light-bulbNot receiving a thing!!

by Emma Ni Mhathuna - Jul 10, 2013 Star_s175 views

Been having a huge problem with cv with the past few weeks, I am not receiving any of my reequested posts or requests from neighbours. I've tried uninstalling the game but that hasn't worked, anyone else having the same problem or has figured how to resolve it?? any help would be greatly appreciated as i'm pretty much prepared to give it up for good, its fairly pointless when i can't progress in challenges,

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12-em-plus add reply

hi pascal, i had to delete hundreds of items just to get the inventory down by about 50!!! don't know what the deal is with it, and its starting to creep up already!!!


Same problem here, deleting objects helps but not always, my inventory is on 2000 and when I delete something it stays on 2000, can someone solve this?


I am haveing the same Problem and i Know my Inventory isn't full the only thing i get is Goods and Coins.I'm not even getting "ASK NIEGHBORS" Requests.ALSO I'm not getting the Dragons from the Dragons Castles when ii click.


Glad I could help:)


Thanks Candy , that was exactly the problem :)


thanks candy, inventory was full, will delete a load to see what happens :)


Emma - check your inventory - the max you can have is 2000. If you are already at 2000 you won't receive any items. Hope this helps. Candy

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