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Light-bulbFreedom to play how I want.

by Jenny Gavin-Wear - Jul 12, 2013 Star_s173 views

Coasterville is quite a fun game, but one thing is really bugging me. I'd like to be left alone to develop the type of park I want and not to continually be forced have new zones I don't even like. We can't even store the starter items for a theme we don't want.

The Fantasy theme is great, Arabian looks promising, but some of the others are, to me, plain horrible!

Does anyone know of games that follow a building city/whatever theme that do offer this freedom?


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12-em-plus add reply

now that there are no more quests, you are free to play as you want!!!!! isnt it boring without quests????


I sold mine just to add space


Without new themes people get bored pretty easily, they already are now. After you've completed the first set of quests you can store everything (even your landmark, just get to the first stage) from a specific theme and ignore the rest, your choice. :) Every game has quests and things to finish that no-one likes, with complete freedom people wouldn't know what to do and stop playing.

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