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Light-bulbBess and Ted's Wedding - The Ceremony Ranch

by Tonya Collins - Jul 12, 2013 Star_s986 views

-Gated at level 23
-2 New Free Gifts – Wedding Daisies (7 hour harvest), Weeping Redbud (take 2 White Waters)
-New Collection - Cowboy Bride
-New Boost - Cowboy Cakes - triples XP for 6 hours
-2 wrappers for next Monday


1. Bess' Stresses
Clear 8 Skulls
Collect 6 Red Highlights (cherry trees)
Place the Ceremony Ranch
Rewards-Fully Grown Pole Pine, 3 Wedding Daisies, 4 Hay Bale Benches

2. Tippin Toward Other Ends
Harvest 15 Wedding Daisies (free gift)
Scare a Bear twice
Upgrade the Ceremony Ranch
Rewards-Tippin' Cow, Weeping Redbud, Good Advice

3. Tamin' Bridezilla
Harvest 8 Weeping Redbuds (free gift)
Collect three Rehearsal Dinners (barn daily bonus)
Upgrade the Ceremony Ranch
Rewards-2 Chapel Benches, Grand Bison, Good Advice

4. "I Do" or Do I?
Tend Grand Bisons 4 Times
Collect 40 White Rose Petals (white roses)
Complete the Ceremony Ranch
Rewards-Veiled Cowboy Hat, Wedding Wagon, Good Advice

*Wrapper 1 -Flowers and Bouquets
Collect 25 Flower Ribbons (standard pigs)
Harvest 60 Passion Flowers
Complete and Contribute 4 Blossom Barrels
Rewards: 3 Blossom Barrels, Refined Llama, 10 Good Advice

*Blossom Barrels*

Harvest 5 Sparkling Roses
Collect 18 Colored Tulips (mixed tulips)
Collect 6 Pretty Hydrangea (wall post)
Collect 8 Flower Ties (request)
Craft 4 Elegant Soil
Craft 4 Fancy Trim
*Each elegant soil takes 4 natural fertilizer (compost piles) and 4 wedding dirt (request)
*Each Fancy trim takes 4 trim glue (basic stills) and 4 cut doilies (wall post)


Wrapper 2.  Catering Concerns ( releases Monday , July 15th)
Craft Six Delivery Wagons
Collect 12 Cake Pans (request)
Complete Bess' Butterflies Mission 5 times
*Each Delivery wagon takes 3 long planks (fully grown oak trees) and
4 split wagons (request)
Rewards: 3 Cowboy Cakes, Beef Jerky, Book of Experience


 Bess' Butterflies 
Harvest 10 Wedding Daisies
Collect 8 Calming Tea (wall post)
Tend 5 Adult Standard Horses
Rewards: Sharp Axe, Grannys Gut Punch, 5 Good Advice

Stage One
Collect 3 Manly Stories (snakes)
Collect 8 Night Torches (non sapling pole pines)
Collect 10 White Doves (wall post)
Collect 12 Fearless Soda (request)
Collect 14 Speedy Boots (request)
Craft 4 Tippin Gloves
Crafting: Each tippin glove takes 3 padded leather (wall post) and 4 strong stitching (sheep)

Stage Two
Collect 6 Butterfield Steaks (tipping cows)
Collect 12 Weddin Schedules (cactus)
Collect 12 Chandeliers (request)
Collect 15 Lots of Ice (wall post)
Craft 6 Event Tents
Craft 8 Guest Chairs
Crafting: Each Event tent takes 5 shelter cloths (request) 6 tent poles (pine trees) and
9 tiedown ropes (wall post)
 Each Guest chair takes 6 cloth tops (silk) 6 hay cushions (wall post) and
9 fine padding (request)

Stage Three
Collect 12 Wedding Photos (request)
Collect 15 Free Spirits (horses; home or neighbors)
Collect 16 Breathing Bags (wall post)
Collect 18 Throwin Rice (recycle bins)
Craft 10 Something Old
Craft 12 Something New
Crafting: Each Something Old takes 5 family jewels (wall post) 6 stained wood (bamboo)
and 9 ornate latches (request)
Each something new takes 4 wedding wool (imported silver sheep)
monogrammed initials (request) and 8 extra thread (wall post)


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