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Light-bulbCandy Crush Level 389 Glitch, Play on your PC.

by Troy Luff - Jul 15, 2013 Star_s5,753 views

Yet another glitch on Candy Crush! If you have made it to level 389 and playing it on your phone I am sure you are as frustrated as me. I kept getting the 20 coloured candies as asked but could never get the 200,000 score required. I tried it on my PC via Facebook and within 5 moves I had the score. This is another level you need to play on the computer as for some reason the scoreing is totally different. Did it first go where I had tried it 100 times on my phone!

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12-em-plus add reply

There is no glitch at all for 389-390, I just helped a friend cleared on her android. Anyway, the one that has glitches is 391.


By the way, level 390 is the same!!

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