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Light-bulbGifted Vision - The Spirit Tree

by Tonya Collins - Jul 19, 2013 Star_s2,122 views

It's time for Little Crow to grow up and find her future. To become an adult in her tribe Little Crow has to take part in an ages old ritual of a vision quest, and
Of course, it's up to us to help her. Don't worry, she will repay us in a big way! Extra Wall Post Items!!

We activate the Boost by clicking Little Crow or the Spirit Tree decoration. A 15 minute timer will then begin to count down and we run off and get posting!

While the timer runs down the game will keep track of everything we post for in that 15 minutes and once the timer runs out a leaf-wrapped parcel will pop out of the Spirit Tree and contain one of EVERYTHING you posted for!

To begin with we'll be able to reload the boost once every 24 hours, but as we complete the missions we'll get shorter and shorter windows until we can reload and get our extra post items multiple times a day.

We will also see a new injured animal, The Lost Spirit Critter that will arrive Monday with the Wrappers. It takes 10 Mini Totems to heal which are made from 2 Plant Spirits (Spirit Cactus, the new coin crop) and two inert totems (Wall Post).

They then become one of three styles. Healing these will drop items from the new collection, which we will need for each mission on Monday.

Those missions will then get us special Spirit Animals for our homestead! We can pick one per mission.

-Gated at level 15
-New Free Gift crop – Spirit Flame (5 hour harvest)
-New Collection - Spiritual Guidance
-Uses the left sideboard
-Wrapper for next Monday


1. Father Knows Best
-Tend Chickens 30 Times
-Harvest 25 Bearberries
-Place the Spirit Tree
Rewards- Boost Bouquet, 5 Spirit Flames, Aged Salmon

2.Packin Sweet
-Ask Little Crow for Help (click Little Crow or Spirit Tree)
-Collect 15 Fire Sprites (drop- spirit flame; free gift)
-Upgrade the Dying Forest
Rewards-Pronghorn, Lumber Tree Serum, 5 Indian Paintbrushes

3. Campsite Concerns
-Tend Pronghorns 8 Times (reward)
-Harvest 50 Spirit Cactus (new coin crop)
-Upgrade the Dying Forest
Rewards-10 Power Stones, Moose, Spirit Raven

4. Wilderness Worries
-Harvest 30 Indian Paintbrush (free gift crop)
-Harvest Apricot Trees 40 Times
-Upgrade the Dying Forest
Rewards-Woodpecker Crow, 3 Crop Essences, Pink Flamingo

5. Destiny Discovery
-Collect 40 Fire Sprites (drop- spirit flame; free gift)
-Ask for Little Crow's help 6 Times
-Complete the Dying Forest
-Rewards-Spirit Bonfire, 25 Horseshoes, 3 Wilderness Crates

Wrapper-Spiritual Guidance I, II and III
Please Note: This mission repeats three times, the requirements stay the same but the rewards change.

-Complete the Spirit Guidance Collection (drop from healing lost spirit critters)
-Craft 6 Totem Crystals (totem pole)
-Collect 15 Spirit Staffs (request)

Spiritual Guidance I: Spirit Animal, Peppermint Earthquake, Animal Magnetism
Spiritual Guidance II: Spirit Animal, Peppermint Earthquake, Eco-Jacking
Spiritual Guidance III: Spirit Animal, Peppermint Earthquake, Crop Mumbler

~~~~~Building Guide~~~~~

Stage One- Pilgrimage Prep
Collect 8 Trail Rations (drop-blackberry bushes)
Collect 8 Sturdy Moccasins (request)
Collect 9 Travel Cloaks (wall post)
Collect 12 Water Pouches (request)
Collect 12 Sleeping Bags (wall post)
Collect 12 Hikin' Sticks (drop- fully grown pine trees)

Stage Two- Stranger Danger
Collect 8 Sacred Stones (drop-rocks)
Collect 9 Strong Spears (drop-bamboo)
Collect 12 Campsite Torches (wall post)
Collect 14 Spirit Beacons (request)
Craft 9 Natural Shelters
Craft 10 Humane Traps
Crafting: Natural shelters are crafted from 4 organic tarp (drop-american moss) and 8 wooden supports (wall post)
Humane Traps are crafted from 4 sturdy sticks (drop-dandelions)and 6 carnivore bait (request)

Stage Three- Stressed Out Spirits
Collect 8 Protection Wards (drop-moose)
Collect 12 Lucky Charms (wall post)
Collect 12 Lil' Wisps (drop-spider flowers)
Collect 16 Fresh Incense (request)
Craft 10 Smoke Signals
Craft 15 Spirit Flutes
Crafting: Smoke signals are crafted from 5 signal blankets (wall post), 6 green kindling (drop-blazing star), and 9 smooth
flints (request)
Spirit Flutes are crafted from 3 hollow frames (drop- horsetails) and 4 natural drills (wall post)

Stage Four- Rite of Passage
Collect 14 Ritual Masks (request)
Collect 16 Natural Paints (drop- red clover)
Collect 16 Spiritual Tea (wall post)
Collect 18 Spirit Drums (wall post)
Craft 10 Sweat Tents
Craft 12 Simple Headdresses
Crafting: Sweat Tents are crafted from 6 ritual water (drop-fountain grass), 6 bearhide covers (request), and 9 scalding
stones (wall post)
Headdresses are crafted from 4 black feathers (drop- woodpecker crows), 5 colored beads (wall post), and 8 plain bands

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