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Light-bulbLink Exchanges broken! (working again)

by Alan Attebery - Jul 21, 2013 Star_s316 views

12:03 PM CDT on 7/21/13:

All Link Exchanges are working again!

For those of you who use the Gamers Unite! Link Exchanges to help gather materials and complete quests, you will be relieved to know that all of the Link Exchanges are up and running again!

This was not an easy issue to track down, since the Link Exchanges were working correctly for our Admins. Thankfully, however, one of our Moderators fell into the "it's not working" category and we were able to screenshare with him to discover what was going on.

In short, Facebook made a change on their end that broke the coding on our end for most users. We have temporarily patched our coding to get our Link Exchanges up and running again. We will work on a permanent fix once we've had a chance to fully examine what Facebook has done (bad Facebook), though this shouldn't affect the Link Exchange users.

We apologize for the inconvenience cause by, and the resulting hair you pulled out during, this outage.

Link Exchanges Broken!

At this time, all of the Gamers Unite! Link Exchanges are broken. For some reason, most new posts are dropping off after a few minutes, which is resulting in one-day and two-day old posts dominating the pages.

We can see that new posts are being made, and that those posts are being clicked on. But each Link Exchange seems to have a mind of its own as to how many new posts are remaining on the page as well as how long it takes for them to drop off.

The Admins have been notified; however, since this is a Sunday, it's possible they may not see the message until Monday. We apologize for any inconvenience.


P.S. All threads regarding the Link Exchange not posting are being deleted.

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Replies are not available on this topic.

Please visit the link below, which will take you to our Link Exchange FAQ thread. Your question or issue may have already been answered in the original post of that thread. If you still have a question or issue after reading that post, then please leave a comment in that thread. However, make sure to read any highlighted, stickied posts at the top of the comments section first.


Mine is not working and hasn't been for 3 days now. I click on the link exchange and it continually tells me I have no posts to link but I know I have posted for 3 items today alone but none of them show up. Again this is the 3rd day it has not worked for me. I'm having trouble completing tasks because of this espc the Ribbons and the Bulbs. :-(

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