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Question-whiteDid I miss the Celestial pastures farm?

by Jennifer Blake - Jul 28, 2013 Star_s565 views

I wasn't on for a while, and now while I am getting the quests for the celestial pastures farm I can't find a way to get it. Did I miss out?

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12-em-plus add reply

do you have a neighbor that is celestial pastures? I keep getting a pop up when it starts up.


Your best bet is to contact them through twitter @ZyngaSupport. I had the same issue as you and 2 days later I had my missing farm. Good Luck!


It is very difficult to contacy zynga sometimes. I always save any e-mails that I have to and from them. I recommend that you do the same. I use old e-mails to contact them about new problems. They don't like it , but it works and you are connected quicker than the other ways. Just a suggestion, but it does work well for me.


How to contact Zynga... while your in the game, scroll down the page past the game and past the ads to where it says "email reference, support, game bar.... etc. click on "SUPPORT" when the page loads, look on the right hand side below everything you should see "? Get Help" click on it... on the page that comes up you should see "Email Us" or "Live Chat", if Live Chat is up and running it will say "our experts are now available".... Choose one, it up to you


If you know how to contact Zynga can you let me know. I went through the ENTIRE so called help forum and there is not one place to get help from anyone who actually works for Zynga. I used to have an email link maybe its gone because I refuse to buy a game cashcard till they fix my game LOL


many peoples Celestial Pastures farm also went missing and still no one has gave it back to them or answered them...


My computer died and I was down and out until I got up the money to buy another one.... Took me about 7 email complaining that I hadn't received the new farm and I didn't think it was fair, considering I had been playing FV for many years.... they kept telling me it was only released to certain players... but they finally caved and gave me the farm.


They rolled out a new farm, Celestial Pastures awhile back. If you don't have it by now you may want to contact Zynga and ask to fix your game for you. I had the same issue with Enchanted Glen.

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