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Light-bulbThe Swimming Hole

by Tonya Collins - Aug 01, 2013 Star_s4,403 views

Howdy Pardners!

It's hot out here and we found a natural lake to cool off in! Enjoy the waters and train up some new rescue animals as well!

Gated at level 15
New Free Gift crop – reeds (12 hour harvest)
New collection – Water rescue
Uses the right sideboard
Wrapper for next Monday


1. Lake Escape
-Tend Adult Ducks 15 times
-Harvest 25 Cranberries
-Place the Wet Shack
Rewards: Fully Grown Birch Tree, 5 Reeds, Big Drop Lollipops

2. Swim Fan
-Tend Adult Geese 30 times
-Train a Rescue Duckling Twice
-Upgrade the Swimming Hole
Rewards: Rescue Goat , Espresso Boost, Animal Magnetism
**Rescue Ducklings are healed with 10 Safety Packs.
Each safety Pack is Crafted from 3 Medical Gear (drops from aloe vera) and 2 Fanny Packs Request)

3. The Ski's The Limit
-Chop Pine Trees 24 Times
-harvest Reeds 30 Times (free gift)
-Upgrade the Swimming Hole
Rewards: Banyan Trees, Rescue Sheep, 3 Animal First Aid Crates

4. Fannying the Flames
-Tend Resuce Sheep or Goats 16 Times
-Harvest Banyan Trees 9 Times
-Upgrade the Swimming Hole
Rewards: Regal Beaver, Animal Vaccine Boost, Private pig
** Rescue Sheep , Goats, and Banyan Trees are all mission rewards. You may have some from earlier missions.

5. Beaver Believer
-Tend a Regal Beaver 7 Times
Harvest Reeds 60 Times
Complete the Swimming Hole
Rewards: Loch Wikiwah Monster, 2 Animal Vaccine Boosts, 5 Animal First Aide Crates
**You may have a Regal Beaver from an earlier mission.

Wrapper: The Guide To Injured Animals (Releases August 5)
Train a Beaver Recruit 8 times
Complete the Water Rescue Collection 6 Times
Complete 40 animals in the injured Animal Guide
Rewards: White Beaver, 3 Animal Vaccine Boosts, Paddle Boat
** Beaver Recruits are healed with 10 Beaver Belts. Each Beaver Belt is crafted from 3 pig skin belts (from pigs), and 3 building tools (request) The injured animal guide is inside the Wet Tower.

~~~~Building Guide~~~~

Stage 1
10 Bladder Balls – Oxen
10 Water Goggles – Direct Request
8 Swimsuits – Wall Post
9 Frontier Floaties – Rubber Root Dandelion
12 Beach Brellas – Direct Request
12 Flippy Floppies – Wall Post

Stage 2
10 Pull ropes – Standard White Llamas
10 Water skis – Wall Post
8 Floating Chairs – Crafted
12 Sunscreen – Foxglove
15 Floating Ramps – Direct Request
9 Pedal Boats – Crafted
Crafting: Each Chair Requires 6 Gutted Melons (melons) and 8 Broken Chairs (Direct Request)
Each boat Requires 4 Old Bicycles (tin forges) and 8 Dinghies (Wall Post)

Stage 3
20 Zink Oxide – Basic Still
14 Piercing Whistles – Wall Post
10 Lifeguard Chairs – Crafted
14 Safety Scopes – Brass Forges
15 Safety Floats – Direct Request
12 Life Vests – Crafted
Crafting: Each Chair Requires 6 White Struts (Birsh Trees) 10 Thick Bolts ( Direct Request) and 5 Deck Chairs (Wall Post)
Each Vest Requires 4 Sturdy Buckles (Steel Forges ) and 5 Bright Floaters (Wall Post)

Stage 4
15 Waterproof Caulk – Direct Request
12 Dam Outlet Pipes – Wall post
12 Organic Mortar – Crafted
16 Dam Sticks (Huckleberry, the blue kind)
18 Dam Hole Plugger (Wall Post)
12 Water Wheels – Crafted
Crafting: Each Mortar Requires 8 Sticky Cow Piles ( Cows) , 8 Dam Thick Mud (Wall Post) and 6 mixing Tubs (Direct Request)
Each Wheel Requires 6 Used Pans (Blue Essence Labs), 9 Large Cartwheels (Direct Request) and 4 Gearshafts (Wall Post)


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