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Question-whiteKing of towers

by Gogo Chaotic Melon - Aug 04, 2013 Star_s3,064 views

So, i came to this boss called THE HEART oF WINTER, and i have no idea how to fight it his energy is always full and it seems that i can't hit him or harm him anyway. HELPS ? anyone who passed it, what should i do ?

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12-em-plus add reply

His abilities to have Shield will wear off you keep hitting him. However, it will be re-apply if he is not receiving continuous damages for a certain amount of time.
Dragooner will work greatly to him as it continuously deal damage very quick. Put these in those turning path for a great burning damage.

P.S: You can also pass the level using only Cannon Tower (with upgrades of course).


what i do is to full the field with archers, then try to level up the towers on the intersections points, and then when you finish ALL the enemies the boss is going to be vulnerable and then let your archers do their job (use the spells, it helps)

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