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Question-whiteHELP With LVL 99

by Annette Dombrowski - Aug 13, 2013 Star_s23,953 views

it calls for 14 apples but they only give ya 4 and everytime ya fill a bucket, the drops take away the apples how do i get past this!

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Most Gamers have a changed version of Level 99, so now you need to get only 10 apples. Otherwise the Level 99 strategy is the same as before



Try and make matches around the apples to increase the value, but it must be done in the first few moves before the water jumps out and swallows them. If you lose an apple, or can't match them in a row, but they have more value on them, you can use the shovels to remove them singly.


try to match other crops around the apples to multiply their points but keep an eye on the apples' points to be ready to match them or use the shovels to smash the apples

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