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Light-bulbSquirrel Tree Mission (8)

by Susan Anderson Galloway - Aug 13, 2013 Star_s1,627 views

So you can win during these missions a new tree. White oak where you can collect acorns and realize new revenue through them!

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The Nutcracker

I love squirrels. Like everyone else, right? And it seems that it is in your farm they are given an appointmentthis year!

Place the tree squirrels for these adorable rodents25 corn harvest before the little urchins will seize it – You can get it from our bonus collector page click hereUsing 40 times the neighbors to see if there are squirrels in their farm

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A bushy history

It is difficult to attract an animal when it knows nothing about him. A little reading will do us no harm!

Gets 5 manuals to learn more about squirrelsHarvest 15 strawberries to satisfy the squirrels - You can get it from our bonus collector page click herePrepare one bag of food for squirrels and see what think that squirrels

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Malins squirrels

Squirrels are very good at hiding, but also to find all sorts of things.

Interviews 1 chevrerie to see if the squirrels are hiding15 wheat harvest because the squirrels love itHens fed four adults to protect your grain

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Absolute Silence

It would be great to take some pictures of squirrels. Let’s try.

Gets 5 cameras to take a picture of a shy squirrel4 lemon harvest to prepare a drink - You can get it from our bonus collector page click herePrepare two lemonades to make us wait until the squirrels

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The teatime

Squirrels like some candy in particular. As you prepare!

Uses the pigsty because pigs are cute too4 apple harvest for our treatsPrepare one bag of food for two squirrels and see how responsive the squirrels

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Squirrels climbers

Squirrels love climbing. Build them something.

Interviews oven to assure you that you have enough energy for this workCollect 10 wood trees - You can get it from our bonus collector page click hereFactory 1 trellis for our friends the squirrels

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Squirrel for

It would be funny if you could see the squirrels properly.

Gets 5 binoculars to observe those adorable squirrels closerInterviews 2 times the barn to see if some are shy squirrels would not have found refugeHas one white oak in your farm because squirrels are crazy (you get free from the tree squirrels

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A perfect gift

If you really love the squirrels, you must do their best treats squirrel ever prepared.

4 apple harvest to prepare treats for squirrelHarvest 20 strawberries to prepare other treats squirrel - You can get it from our bonus collector page click hereFactory 1 bag 3 foods for your adorable squirrels squirrels

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have been making treats and using my squirrels for two days and still not showing any squirrels fed
anyone else have that problem

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