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Light-bulbHow do I find the Dog Shop?

by Janet Crane - Aug 14, 2013 Star_s15,183 views

Is the Dog Shop a new thing? Or did I just reach the level to access it? And where is it?

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The dogs are very good addition to the game. If you get a 2nd level police dog, then there are changes of you getting either 3000 gold coins or 80 XP. In approximately 5 plays, atleast 1-2 times the dog will found one or the other. You need to ensure the dog is eating well.


do u need to finish the bonus cases??


I completely finished the first 2 cases so I should have 2 gold medals but still can't fnd a way to get a dog


You need gold medals to unlock the dog shop which appears on the map, of which there are four.
for each section you need 2, 12, 22, and 32 gold medals to access them.
Gold medals are of course obtained by getting 5 stars on every crime scene in a case.
So to unlock each successive dog shop you need 2, 12, 22, and 32 perfect cases.
I don't know about the latter 3, but the one for 2 offered me 3 dogs, 2 for coins and one for cash.
The ones for coins gave me a small chance to find coins/cards, or xp/cards, and the one for cash can give energy/cards.
Then there is a new icon on the left on your map which you can use to go feed your dogs, and switch between them, feed and equip via the arrows on either side.


you need 2 cases with all 5 stars in every mission. then it will unlock, the easy tips was, complete all 5 stars in 1 and 2 number case


Actually I'm a Beginner in the forth case, and the dog shop is here, right next to the place where the case 4 was happening "The Duckyard Killer" and it needs two gold medal to unlock the shop, :)
it,s different in every area


Did you find out??? I'm looking all over for it!!!!! HELP!


I would like to know what level do I have to get to unlock the Dog Shop?

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