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Light-bulbMissing farm bucks?

by Molly P Gast - Aug 14, 2013 Star_s185 views

I am missing 7 farm dollars since yesterday. Can hackers steal those too? Also have 3 people that appeared on my farm, I cant click on them or identify them in any way. Also, I have requested help building the squirrel tree two days in a row with not one helper showing up. Hmmmmm Anyone else having similiar problems?

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12-em-plus add reply

The only way hackers can steal your FV2 Bucks is if they hack their way into your Facebook account and then spend the FV2 Bucks on something for your farm. There is no way for anyone to do anything else with your FV2 Bucks. That said, it is possible that FV2 had a glitch in their system and, as a result, some of your FV2 Bucks disappeared.

As for the mysterious people, they are part of a glitch with the Ice Cream Cart. This same glitch was around when the Chili Stand was in play.

As for the Squirrel Tree, are you using the "FarmVille 2 Friends" list on the Gift Requests screen and not the "Double the Items" list? The "Double the Items" list is made up of your Facebook Friends who don't play the game.

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