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Light-bulbLEVEL 115 HELP

by Andrea Patterson - Aug 17, 2013 Star_s53,769 views

Wha't s the secret to Farm Heroes Saga level 115?!? Help please me with Farm Heros Level cheat, please. I've been stuck for weeks!!!

NewFor more videos, please visit Gamers Unite! IOS Farm Heroes Saga Level 115 Walkthroughs.

Help, I'm Stuck too!

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Help, I'm Stuck!

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Newer video here too for those who only need 20 water drops :)


Fresh vid for Farm heroes Saga Level 115 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqaRkQctkhI


Finally!!!! It took me about two weeks to beat this level. I DID NOT use any boosters at any time. Trying to work near the water helped, but I also think it is important to keep you eye out for matches of carrots and beets worth extra points---that is what really helped me on my final round :). I agree that focusing on the eggs is not as important. They seem to fall down more frequently and often in the right places ;) just remember to match up the cracked eggs when you can


I too was stuck on it for almost a month. A few tricks I used were....work as close to the buckets as possible to help fill them more quickly, also focus on matching the fruits since the eggs take 3+ moves to get a chick. Only match eggs if absolutely necessary, the more fruit u match the better ur chances of the eggs falling where they need to break. And lastly, try ur hardest to get more then 3 fruits at a time, as u probably know the more fruit matched at once raises the value of fruits nearby leaving u with more moves.
When it came down to me getting through that level I DID have to use the shovel to remove a fruit in order to get my 5th chick. If u run out of boosters while playing and dont want to wait for them to regenerate u can go into ur phone settings and change the date on ur phone to one day ahead, then go back to the game, make at least one move then return to ur settings and change the date back to the current date, return to the game and ull find all ur boosters are replenished. Hope this helps some. Have fun!


Farm Heroes Saga Level 115

I don't see any other way than to use the saved up boosters.

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