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Light-bulbHow to get multiple mines/mills in Social Empires (need Iphone app)

by Nicholas Cadotte - Aug 19, 2013 Star_s562 views

What you need :

Facebook account


Social Empire of lvl 13 for gold, lvl 15 for lumber or lvl 17 for stone

(i do not include food as it is too easy a resource to get)

Step 1: log into facebook on a desktop and go to the Social Empires app

Step 2 : you must have unlocked the lvl 2 mine/mill of the Resource you want

Step 3 : you want to build a lvl 2 mine/mill of the desired resource.

Step 4 : now if you into "Build" and try to build a lvl 1 mine/mill of the same type it will say you have reached the limit for your empire.

so instead go into your Social Empires Iphone app, go to My Empire, then go to resources, and find the lvl 1 mine/mill of the same resource as step 3, now it will allow you to build it.

[b]Step 5[/b] : now that you have bought the lvl 1 mine/mill go back into facebook, a new storage space will apear called Mobile Storage, inside you will find the lvl 1 mine/mill you bought on your Iphone.

Step 6 : you can now take the lvl 1 mine/mill out of mobile storage and place it with no restrictions.

Step 7 : after you have placed the lvl 1 mine/mill, upgrade it to lvl 2.

this process can be done as many times as you want/need, but be aware of your space constraintes aswell as your population constraints

however an easy fix to the population constraints is to use your iphone for collecting reasources, since you dont need to place people into the mine/mill like you would have to on facebook, you are free to make/use as many as needed.

also be aware that if space becomes an issue you can put your mines/mills into your storage as they can be used from storage on your iphone.

the only downside to using your iphone for collecting rescources is that the bonus you get from putting villagers to work in the mine/mill you do not get, not even if there are villagers in the mine on the facebook app, the iphone app has no knowledge of villagers and does not consider them.

Now 5 things to consider when using this method :

1) Once you place more than one mill/mine of the same type on Facbook you cannot move them ever so place them wisly unless you want to repeat the process from the beginning.

2) consider starting with lumber mills since you need alot of lumber to make all the upgrades to your mines/mills and to get your beginner walls.

3) try and use this method as soon as you unlock the lvl 2 lumber mill as it is a great way to level and the amount of resources needed to continue increases very fast.

4) one you have a sustainable amount of lumber mills ( aprox. 4-10 lvl 2's ), start making stone mines but be aware stone mines DO NOT require you to unlock them when used from the IPHONE APP, but on FACEBOOK you CAN NOT use them onced placed, UNLESS you unlock them. so if you do not know alot of people that play or do not have the money to dish out for game cash, the max you can get is, 1 stone mine or 1 of each lvl of stone mine if your lucky. (multiple facebook accounts, although againts Facebook policies can help with this issue)

5) this trick can also be used for Stables/Workshop/Archery/Baracks.

WARNING!!! this trick as far as i know does not work for any buildings i have not mentioned. attempting to use this trick for buildings i have not mentioned is a big risk and can waste precious resources.

I know this trick does not work on the town hall, or any building under "Specials" on the iphone app.

I hope you enjoyed this tip/trick guide and maybe i'll see you in game good luck.

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