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Question-whiteFuneral Banquet Chapter

by Amoreena C. Smith - Sep 03, 2013 Star_s2,362 views

Is anyone else having issues with this one? I get the items to make the drink, but , the interative table has an error. FRUSTRATING!

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12-em-plus add reply

When the blender scene appears, drag the fruit from the bottom of the screen up to the blender glass; it will blend and then tyou will be guided to the next step [the coconut]. Again, you will need to drag the machete up to the coconut to cut it. Continue as indicated to play through the scene.


I just started playing this game and really appreciate this! I had no clue what this one was about and kept getting hung up with the hand going to the blender bit (after getting the ice?). But this info may help. Maybe I'm just not hitting the right spot? I wonder, too, if it's different as an app on my tablet, rather than playing on Facebook? I know some things can be temperamental that way. Thanks again for the help!


I have tried to explain all the requirements in the "Hidden Object" Chapter 1 - "Funeral Banquet" scene. Please visit the scene, it will help you find solution. Link for that page is here... click on it...


I've got the same problem :(

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