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Light-bulbLink Exchange will not load MY Farmville 2 Posts.

by Jon Smith - Sep 06, 2013 Star_s167 views

I dont know about other games because I only use Farmville 2, but for 2 weeks now, it will nt load my post so that I can link them. If it does finally load my post, which sometimes it will, it will not link them. It unchecks the boxes and does nothing. If i recheck the boxes, it just unckecks them again when I click to post them. Also the link to click to refresh will not apear. I can still click on other peoples post and recive the items, but it will not mark them as clicked or "Expired? that it use to when it was working. I have waited this long because I was hoping it was a bug that would be fixed or an issue I could figure out, but I cant. I use google chrome, but have tried it on firefox and explorer and it does the same thing. Thank you!

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Please visit the link below, which will take you to our Link Exchange FAQ thread. Your question may have already been answered in the original post of that thread. If you still have a question after you read that post, or if your question hasn’t already been answered there, then please leave a post in that thread. However, make sure to read any highlighted, stickied posts at the top of the comments section first.

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