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Light-bulbJack's Golden Fiddle

by Tonya Collins - Sep 06, 2013 Star_s1,863 views

Poor Jack's got himself into a predicament. He signed away his homestead for nothing but a fiddle. Help him find a way to outdo the mysterious stranger and save the day!

Gated at level 18

-New Free Gift crop – Devil's Claw,  6 hour harvest

-3 New collections:
 Golden Fiddle

-Wrapper for next Monday

-New boosts:
Strange Elixir - Doubles drops from Debris and Crops for 10 Minutes
Sweet Payoff - Doubles drops from Animals and Lumber Trees for 10 minutes
Saving Grace- TREBLES drops from Decorations such as Dino Exhibits, the
Giant Mounted Fish for 10 minutes

~~~~~~Set 1 - Stranger ~~~~~~

Fiddlin' With Destiny
-Collect Bonus on Deadwood Road
- Gather 12 Fibrous Strings
-Collect 8 Gold Polish
Rewards: 3 Devil's Claws, Devil'sCrow, Frontier Hawk
Notes: Strings drop from Adult Cows. Gold Polish is requested

Crows A' Callin'
-Gather 5 Raven Bait
-Craft 6 Crow Roosts
-Tend Devil's Crow 5 Times
Rewards: 3 Dubious Trails, Quicksilver Boots, Random Reward
Notes: Bait comes from Frontier Hawks. Crow Roosts are crafted. Devil's Crows are a mission reward.
Each Roost requires 3 Tin Mesh
(Tin Forges) and 3 Unsavoury Meat (Wall Post)

A Mystifying Absence
-Clear 9 Thorns
- Collect 15 Trace Sightings
-Search 2 Dead Woods
Rewards: 3 Thorns, Green Lightning, Random Reward
Notes: Trace Sightings are requested. Dead Woods use 10 Dubious Trails.
Each Trail requires 2 Clear Paths (Devil's Claws) and 3 Backwood Maps (Wall Posts)

Wrapper : Stranger Danger
- Place the Deadwood Road
-Complete all three Stranger Missions
-Discover 3 Strange Findings
Rewards: 3 Strange Elixirs, Hunting Dog, Random Reward
Notes: The Stranger Missions are the first column of missions in the map. Strange Findings come from the Stranger Collection.

~~~~~~Set 2 - Legal Contract ~~~~~~

A Soul For Sale
-Gather 12 Easing Ointments
-Gather 10 Pain Pills
-Harvest 30 Mixed Tulips
Rewards: 3 Devils Claws, Hunting Dog, Random Reward
Notes: Ointments come from American Moss. Pain Pills are Requested.

Legally Bound
-Read Jack's Contract Twice
-Gather 25 Cool Eyedrops
-Collect 20 Legal Advice
Rewards: Red Eye, Fully Grown Coastal Pine, Lumber Tree Serum
Notes: Jack's Contract requires 10 Ferocious Focus. Eyedrops drop from Basic Stills. Legal Advice is requested. Focus requires 2 Clear Path
(Devil's Claws) and 3 Lawful Know How (Wall Post)

A Golden Opportunity
-Gather 20 Goldie Leads
-Craft 4 Goldie Posters
- Tend Hunting Dogs 10 Times
Rewards: 3 Ferocious Focus, Spicy Deer Jerky, Random Reward
Notes: Goldie Leads drop from Adult Standard Pigs. Goldie Posters are crafted. Hunting Dogs are a mission reward. Each Poster requires 4 Drawin'
Paper (Non Sapling Coastal Pines), 4 Tipped Coal (Direct Request) and 6 Old
Posters (Wall Post)

Wrapper : Legal Loopholes
-Complete all Three Legal Contract Missions
-Collect the Bonus on the Courthouse
-Discover Three Legal Loopholes
Rewards: Three Sweet Payoffs, Manufactured Crate, Random Reward
Notes: Legal Contract Missions are the second column of missions in the map. Legal Loopholes come from completing the Legal Collection.

~~~~~~Set 3 - Goldie's Goods~~~~~~

Usin' An' Abusin'
- Collect 15 Tarnished Rings
-Craft 8 Exquisite Bribes
-Harvest 18 Gold Forges
Rewards: 3 Devil's Claws, Wild Owl, Random Reward
Notes: Tarnished Rings are requested. Bribes are Crafted.
Each Bribe requires 4 Coloured Glass (Glass Forges) and 6 Shiny Beads (Wall Post)

Words of Wisdom
-Tend 12 Wild Owls
-Craft 6 Leaf Cutters
-Collect 14 Forest Debris
Rewards: 3 Silver Forges, 3 How To Jack Lumber, Golden Sheep
Notes: Wild Owls are a mission reward. Leaf Cutters are crafted. Forest Debris are requested. Each Leaf Cutter requires 4 Sharp Metal (Steel Forges), 8 Nuts and Bolts (Direct Request) and 8 Cuttin' Grips
(Wall Post)

Lyin' For Letters
-Gather 24 Silver Bars
-Collect 18 Silver Coins
-Open 2 Goldie's Trunks
Rewards: 3 Sortin' Piles, Pluckin' Chicken, Random Reward
Notes: Silver Bars come from Silver Forges, Coins are Requested. Goldie's Trunks are in the market and healed with 10 Sortin' Piles. Each Pile requires 2 Clear Paths (Devil's Claws)
and 3 Slotted Boxes.

Wrapper 3: Prospectors and Golddiggers
- Complete all 3 Goldies Goods Missions
-Tend Adult Golden Sheep 20 Times
-Find 3 Goldie's Paperwork
Rewards: 3 Saving Graces, Jack's Deed, Random Reward
Notes: Goldies Good Missions are the third column of missions. Golden Sheep are a mission reward. Goldies Paperwork comes from the Golden Fiddle Collection.

Main Wrapper: Fee Fi Fo Fiddle (Releases Monday)
-Complete the Stranger Collection 9 Times
-Play the Great Fiddle 6 Times
-Collect 25 Fiddling Tips
Rewards: 25 Horseshoes, Golden Fiddle, Random Reward
Notes: The Stranger Collection
comes from Devil Crows, Devil Claw Crops and Dried Woods. Fiddling Tips are


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It is a mission reward and also comes from cashing in the legal collection.



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