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Light-bulbBicycle trader doesn't complete

by Tracey Sanderson - Sep 10, 2013 Star_s637 views

I bought two bicylcle traders when they first came out. It said that I needed 14 repair kits for each. I was up to 10 repair kits on one. When I went into the game a short time ago it said that one of the traders was complete and the other only needs 8 kits now ?????????????????? I clicked on the completed one but nothing happens ???????????????????????????

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12-em-plus add reply

You can have more than one bike you are working on. This is a known issue. Just go on customer service and click the fix it for this issue. I had the same problem and they fixed it and finished the bike for me.


I made the same mistake. You can only have one bike at a time outside of the trader storage. You will need to sell all other bikes except one because unfinished bikes are not storable. Also, pay attention to the amount of kits needed as each type of bike requires a different amount of kits to repair them. (Some take 8, some take 11...etc) In other words, if you build a bike with 8 kits, you get a tomato trader and if you build another bike with 8 kits you get another tomato trader. So choose wisely when selling them off.
~~~~(Additionally, there is a slight bug to our advantage... when given the opportunity to plant the first rubber plant in the quest, I advise to plant as many as you can because they are for coin. Do make sure it says it is free or for coin so you don't accidentally spend your cash. Once you close the market box, they become for Chefville cash purchase only. I did this and planted 12 used them all on a bike, when I discovered I could only build one bike at a time. I had to sell it.. bummer. We shall see how long before Zynga catches on to the bug!)


You need to complete your bicycle building.


Mine would complete but won't upgrade. I have now upgraded my tomato trader FOUR times, and each time I get "Oops! Please refresh" and when I come back in, the bloody thing isn't upgraded but the game has eaten my parchment. The traders are just buggy, what else can you say? I think deleting them and the oven they rode in on is a great idea.


When you finish the trader you can exchange tomatoes for rubber. I had the oops message several times before I figured out I needed to upgrade first and then trade. Hope this helps.


Same thing has happened to me. Said the bicycle trader was finished and now nothing happens when you click on it. I've also clicked on the romaine lettuce more than 50 times and have gotten only 1 rubber thing.


Mine does same thing. Exactly. No idea what is going on. About to just delete the bikes and the oven that goes with it. Can't get wax beans like this. Don't have room for the things anyway.

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