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Light-bulbTree Sap Rarely Drops.

by Stacey Robinson Spears - Sep 18, 2013 Star_s3,055 views

I need so much tree sap (12) and it drops very rarely. Anyone else having this problem. Tips for getting it to drop more frequently?

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I have had the same problem but when you cut down cedar trees you get tree sap. Hope this helps you


I have a bunch of tree sap because I only cut the cedar trees and theres one that gives Me 2 sap every time I cut it.Hope this Helps.


yea I noted the amount of tree/rock tending to sap and iron ore is messed up


yes clay and sap are tough to get .......hate it.......


i totally agree i need a ton of tree sap and i cut down at least 5-6 huge trees to get 2 it's very frustrating I wish you luck


add me please like to have neighboro that play daily level 40


I haven't noticed that, but noticed that clay from grass and iron ore from rocks aren't working.

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