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Light-bulbwords of wonder level 133

by Debi Pharis - Sep 19, 2013 Star_s1,887 views

I am stuck on level one 133 can someone tell me wha I have to do please

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Patience. Have to get 2 line clear tiles in the same word twice. Takes many tries and frustration to get them aligned correctly. Clear the burning tiles as much as possible first and keep looking for the 6 letter words. You many lose one or two but stick to it and will eventually beat it.


133 on level 9 sucks...ive been spelling big words..i couldnt even tell you how to get a line clear on this level....its annoying as hell


I can only get the first set of line clears. Can't seem to make 2 6-letter words on the second line clear. Not enough moves. I find that when you get 2 line clears side by side, you just have to make a word that includes these. It fills up half of the window. Very frustrating.


Me too 133 kicking me!

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