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Light-bulbFrog Invasion - The Frog Haven

by Tonya Collins - Sep 20, 2013 Star_s2,192 views

Howdy Pardners!

Frogs have invaded the Frontier Pair up with your friends to study these new frogs. You can even earn the brand new Frog Costume!

-Gated at level 24
-New Free Gift crop – White Water Lily
-New collection - Frog Haven
-New Partner animal - Frog

We will see 4 missions with 2 wrappers, one which will be released on Monday and a 3 stage build. These will be a traditional set of Partner Missions, as we find various different frogs and grow them either on our own, or with a neighbor, for goodies!

There will be four different frog types They will be fed with 34 Frog Parcels which are made with 2 Pond Pads (White Water Lily/White Orchids) and 3 Leftover Bugs (Wall Post).

We'll also see a healable Kissing Frog that can turn into a Prince! He will need Frog Kisses, which are crafted with 2 Hopping Hope (Mayfly Nests) and 3 Volunteer Lips (Wall Post).


1. Toad Taxonomy
-Place the Frog Haven
-Gather 8 Frog Almanacs
-Study any Frog with 4 Frog Parcels
Rewards: 3 Pond Pads, Frog Legs, Green Frog
Notes: Almanacs drop from Adult Standard Goats.

2. Playing With Pollywogs
-Heal Two Kissing Frogs
-Study any Frog with 15 Frog Parcels
-Upgrade the Frog Haven
Rewards: 5 White Water Lily, Typical Toad Unlocked, Marigold Frog
Notes: Kissing Frogs are healed with 10 Frog Kisses.

3. Foreign Frogs
-Gather 12 Frog Invaders
-Study any Frog with 28 Parcels
-Upgrade the Frog Haven
Rewards: Frog Legs, Unusual Frog Unlocked, White Frog Pond.
Notes: Frog Invaders drop from Fully Grown Pines.

4. Ebbing Ecosystems
-Gather 30 Pond Samples
-Study Any Frog with 32 Frog Parcels
-Finish the Frog Haven
Rewards: 6 Pond Pads, Priceless Pollywog, Large Pond
Notes: Pond Samples come from Lavender Water Lillies. Frogs are bought in the market.

Wrapper 1: Frog Figurin'
-Tend 4 Completed Typical Toads
-Tend a Camo Typical Toad
-Tend a Teal Unusual Frog
Rewards: Shearing for Shave Tails, 15 Horseshoes, Floating Frog
Notes: Typical Toads and Unusual Frogs are in the market and grown.

Wrapper 2: Fancy Froglegs - (Will be released on Monday)
-Tend 4 Completed Unusual Frogs
-Tend a Frog Prince 3 Times
-Collect 25 Protective Gloss
Rewards: 3 Frog Legs, Priceless Pollywog, Frog Costume
Notes: Unusual Frogs are grown. Frog Princes are Healed. Protective Gloss is requested.

~~~~~Building Guide~~~~~

Stage One
8 Found Frogs - Direct Request
8 Boarded Frames - Wall Post
20 Sealing Gunk - Rubber Root Dandelions
8 Haven Walls - Crafted
10 Damp Dirt - Direct Request
12 Glass Inserts - Glass Forges
Crafting: Each Wall requires 2 Precise Guiding (Rock Debris) and 3 Inset Bases (Wall Post)

Stage Two
14 Crunchy Crickets - Direct Request
8 Water Feeders - Wall Post
20 Fern Spores - Fiddlehead Ferns
8 Haven Foliage - Crafted
12 Tadpole Eggs - Wall Post
12 Pond Plants - Direct Request
Crafting: Each Foliage requires 6 Healthy Plants (Grass), 12 Transfer Planters (Direct Request) and 7 Planting Shovels (Wall Post)

Stage Three
10 Haven Foliage - Crafted
16 Sun Stones - Wall Post
20 Glass Inserts - Glass Forges
12 Glass Roofing - Crafted
18 Glass Doors - Direct Request
12 Wart Removers - Direct Request
Crafting: Each Foliage requires 6 Healthy Plants (Grass), 12 Transfer Planters (Direct Request) and 7 Planting Shovels (Wall Post)
Each Roofing Requires 4 Corner Fasteners (Imported Silver Sheep), 6 Tinted Glass (Wall Post) and 5 Screw Brackets (Direct Request)

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