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Question-whiteSecond Deluxe shady trough?

by Justyna Amira - Sep 22, 2013 Star_s2,117 views

Did anyone got a second shady trough today? I'm pretty sure it wasn't in my inventory yesterday when i was removing old quest items. Question is, whether is it a bug and i should ignore it or can i use the additional trough? Number of animals i can keep on my farm also suddenly increased from 70 to 85.

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water troughs are limited to 5? i just got my 8th from the market for 35,000 coin's and my animal limits at like 65 now... guess my account is bugged? not like that's anything new in this game...but i do remember i couldn't buy any more before they took the shady trough without cash anyway hopefully i won't get suspended from the game like i did when i had 10 wells.... if its in the store then why the hell do i get suspended for buying it... its there own idiotic coders problem for all these glitches


@Bob Roberts - The maximum number of animals you can have on your farm without spending any real money is 50. This includes the 10 animals you started the game with, 5 Water Troughs (5 animals each) that you either got free with expansions or bought with Coins, and 15 animals with a Deluxe Shady Trough.

@Cynthia Gist - Squirrels, Frogs, and Crows are not counted towards the maximum number of animals.



Bob Roberts, it would be 45. BUT when they took my 2d shady trough and left me all the extra animals I'd never choose if I could only have 45 (such as 2 useless Manx Sheep they gave me that I'd have put in inventory with the others), it prompted me to carefully count and store away everything possible. I can only find 46 animals not including the 3 "permanent" squirrels that "expired" in 17 days, yet they say I have 50. I have been counting for days, and they consistently say I have 4 animals that are not there. I guess I'm going to let everything get used up until nothing is left (a while, because I had quite a few replacement babies I was growing while animals achieved prized status) and then see what could be left? Anyway, 45 is what they say, but the real figure may be a few less if they count squirrels and frogs in the river....who knows....


So what is the current maximum number of animals allowed by Zynga if we don't spend any Farm Bucks?


They gave me the 2d shady trough the same week we upgraded the other one. I did not ask for it, and I thought everyone had 2. I did the work to expand it just like with the other one. Ten free fertilizers didn't compensate me for zip. I have grown to despise Zynga. I love the graphics, the concept of the game. But I cannot even put into words how much I hate the Zynga execs who constantly make the game more difficult, trying to gouge us out of real money and time. My farmcash disappears all the time--between 2 and 6 fc are just gone, at least once a week. No one ever responds to twitter questions about it. The FV contact info is gone for FV2. They often fail to send requests to friends--and try constantly to get me to spend fc to get the things in the requests they never forward--I'm no fool, and I see a bold attempt to make us think friends aren't answering, so we spend money, when friends simply never received the requests. Now I wait several hours, reload, and resend when I find the names back on the list (they'd be gone for 18 hours if Zynga had actually sent the requests!). Smells like a con to me. Taking the 2d troughs--and the way they worded the comment "unless you replace the capacity"--ie, spend real dollars for the 45 farmcash required to buy the last trough--$8 or $9?--stinks. Just another sleazey attempt to make a buck. Funny thing is, if I didn't feel so disrespected and insulted all the time by Zynga, I'd be spending at least 3 times as much real money as I do now. I never know when the last straw will come, and don't want to feel I must continue playing because I invested real money--so I rarely spend any money any more. They shoot themselves in the foot all the time. Amateur business execs. Idiots, frankly.


The biggest problem is that without the extra troughs I have way too many animals on my farm & I can't add any new babies - like the alpaca - to do the quests. Also, all of my regular animals have now become Prized so I've run out of fertilizer & can't add new animals. I guess I'm forced to sell or inventory all of the extra Prized animals because of this stupid trough situation. Can't anyone tell me how to get extra troughs?


10 fertilizer sucks but we should be glad they didn't take away any surplus animals...that would be infuriating.


i bought mine shady trough and they took it from me and a fertilizer ben that i bought that they took i think that is stealing.........


Lynne they "Zynga" prob just not got round to them yet .... there day will come :)


what annoys me about the shady troughs is there are still on some farms. I have noticed some are still on my neighbours farms.


Is there any way to get them back or get more?


The Fertilizer "compensation" totally sucked ! Really Fertilizer? I want Farm Bucks !


Yeah not happy , i had 3 Shady's total amimals on farm 65 just lost 2 now the max is 45 :(
& no i didnt cheat tbh i dont know how i got 3 in the first place lol


Ah... We need to get 5 farm bucks as a compensation!! That stupid update.. Now i finally know why alpaca(sheep dog?) is not coming!!


They started removing them yesterday...

(From Zynga Forums)


Question Shady Trough: Extra Shady Troughs will be removed from 10/21 to 10/22 - [UPDATE]

****Mod Edit***


Hello farmers! As mentioned, We know there has been a lot of talk regarding the second Shady Trough that appeared in the inventory of some players and would like to shed some light on the subject. Soon, these extra Shady Troughs will be removed and each player will be compensated for the costs that they may have incurred for the construction of this building. If you want to know more about it and how this is going to be handled, you can check the following article: link.


****End Edit****


I'd read in several forum posts over the last few weeks about people having the extra trough, that it seemed a random free gift. I can understand that if everyone did not receive the extra trough it could be unfair, but now my farm is at a disadvantage because I have more animals than I have capacity for, so it is still unfair. I don't want to sell any of my adult animals - they all took precious baby bottle to mature them.

The fertilizer they "compensated" me with weren't needed, baby bottles or some farm bucks would have been more appreciated.


I also stumbled on it in the inventory. It is on farm, my rabbits are going to be very mad they no longer will have 2 places to lounge around in. Along same note, I can not move the "patches" of hay, flowers etc, any ideas on this?


huh. I stumbled on this post on accident. I saw that in my inventory and constructed it *weeks* ago. (maybe 2? 3?) I thought it was because of leveling up. I thought we could have more then one trough as we can buy more than one water thing. -- oh wait now I see that the post from Zynga was dated 10/3- 10 days ago. - but... if that post was that long ago - why havn't they done it yet? *can* you have two and maybe the extra was something else? *confused*


This is what I found in ZYNGA SUPPORT:
Shady Trough: Extra Shady Troughs will be removed from FarmVille 2 accounts soon
Thu Oct 03 14:54:28 EDT 2013 1 Like
​Hello, Farmers!

We’d like to give you some information about a change that may affect your FarmVille 2 gameplay. Recently there was an in-game glitch that caused some players to get an extra Shady Trough. Soon, these extra Shady Troughs will be removed and each affected player will be compensated for the costs that they may have incurred for the construction of this building.

The availability of the extra Trough was an inadvertent mistake and we sincerely apologize for any confusion or frustration this bug may have caused.

As you may know, the Deluxe Shady Trough increases your animal population cap by 15, which allows you to have more animals on your farm. When the Trough is removed, you will lose that boost to your animation population cap, but no animals will be taken away. This means that any animals that are on your farm that are above the population cap will remain, but you cannot add any more animals to your farm until you raise your cap some other way. Selling or storing animals will take them out of the population, but they can’t be re- added back onto your farm.

Date of removal: To Be Announced; Check back here for updates.

Why is this removal being done?
The FarmVille 2 studio strives to maintain a fair and level playing field to its players, and the extra Trough creates a significant advantage for those who possess one. In addition to this, having an extra trough may negatively affect gameplay and performance.
How will I be compensated if I had to spend currency to complete the extra Shady Trough?
If you used Farm Bucks to complete your Shady Trough, you will receive a refund equal to the amount you spent. In addition to this, we will also be offering 10 Free Fertilizer to affected players for the inconvenience. This refund will be done at the same time as the removal. There is no need to contact Player Support to receive this refund.
Will I lose any of my animals as a result of the removal of the extra Shady Trough?
No. Your Animals will not be affected by this change.
Is there anything I should do to prepare for the removal of the extra Shady Trough?
If you are in the process of constructing your extra Shady Trough we encourage you to stop. The Trough will be removed regardless of what state it is in and we don’t want you to waste your time!

If you have already completed your extra trough and are at a higher animal population cap than other players, you can plan ahead for the change. Sell the animals that are no longer important to you, and store prized animals in your inventory so you have options regarding the animals on your farm. Remember, prized animals stored in your inventory don’t count towards your population cap, so you can simply store the prized animals that aren’t a part of your current FarmVille 2 strategy. Later, if and when the animal population cap is raised, those animals can be taken out of storage and put onto your farm.

Give us your Feedback!
We would like to hear from you about this removal. We welcome your feedback about it! Even if you were unaffected and never received an extra Trough, you can let us know how you feel.
Follow this link to our feedback form here: Extra Shady Trough Removal Feedback Form


I just found the trough in my inventory too I've put it out, I have never used a cheat engine or the like. *maybe* they gave it when they upgraded the chicken coop or *maybe* they gave it to us as a gift for their 2nd birthday, they gave it to us at any rate, they physically wrote the code to allow this item to appear in our inventory, how are we to know this is a mistake on their part, we can't know, how then can we be punished for not knowing that this might be a coding mistake. All I can safely assume is that it must be a gift otherwise they would not have done it.

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