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Question-whiteHow do I get High scores Criminal case

by Gordon James Meikle - Sep 24, 2013 Star_s13,494 views

I have been playing criminal case and getting a perfect score with a partner of 5 and useing the 6+ bonus. I can't think of how someone beat my score. Is there something I am not doing. My dogs aren't very high though, is that the issue???

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Hi there if u don't mind I like to tell my high score. That's over 1200000!


Sorry, I also forgot to mention that getting all of the clues in less than 10 secs significantly improves the score. Also, going back and replaying the scenes you have 5 stars in can boost your proficiency. These only take 5 energy points, but remember, this will not help you advance in the game, only in XP points. It is best to use these when you are close to going over the XP limit and have little energy left.


Some could be using cheat codes to help, but, I have achieved the high scores w/o cheats. I simply purchase the special offers for 100,000 coins when they pop up (don't do it until you get the daily deal). Use the 5 hints booster (costs 1500 coins) on friends that don't have 5 hints and use the 6X booster (3000 coins) with them. Also, if you look at the Scenes option of Gamers Unite, you can see all of the items the game will ask you for. Memorize the locations of the items and that will make the time used be less to get more bonus points. You also get more points by clicking off items that are in the same general area. Moving across the screen too much reduces your points.


Simple, they are cheating. Can't see what enjoyment they get from it!

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