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Question-whiteValley of the magicians and the magic gates

by Mary Dublin - Sep 24, 2013 Star_s1,035 views

How do I enter the magic gates? I've tried to organize an expedition but it always times out before I get enough people!

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12-em-plus add reply

please tell me where theplease manor is thank you cathy


I was having the same problem, but I just fed the dragon, and was able to enter after I organized the expedition. You can only feed the dragon 10 times, so choose an item that has a 200 satiety value(eg: grapes), and feed him these to equal the 2000 he needs to let you in. If you do not have enough grapes, go into the competitions( the one with 4 people), and when you place in these they reward you with grapes. I had to do many competitions before I could feed him! So, try to get the grapes before you organize the expedition as there are not always people available to play the competitions! Also, the gates have a time limit for play as well!! I hope I helped!!

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