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Question-whiteanimal limit now 65

by Sugar Gosh - Sep 27, 2013 Star_s111 views

I am on level 73 and have opened up all the land. Suddenly I have found a second shady trough in my inventory that has taken my animal limit up to 65 and have been asked to upgrade to deluxe which I am doing. Does anyone else have this or am I going to be shut down by Zynga for cheating?

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12-em-plus add reply

I had a pop up saying I could add 10 more animals if I bought another shady trough. It was not free, I paid 10,000 for it. It is ready to build , but will not open. There was no warning not to get. I contacted Zynga and they did not get back with me.


what about extra crafting sheds...i have 2 and can't get rid of the second one tried selling and putting into inventory neither works. Also my feed mill has vanished


Thanks Alan - problem is I put the jolly thing on and now I cannot get it off! Will have to try and get hold of Zynga - what fun! LOL.


The second Shady Trough is a glitch. Zynga Support has told people who have asked not to place this on their farm and have been removing them when asked by farmers to do so. Hopefully they will not ban anyone who places it on their farm since this is their mistake and not anything players did to cause the game to give it to them.

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