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Light-bulbHelp! Level 85!

by Shannon Layne - Oct 07, 2013 Star_s10,803 views

i have been on level 85 in forever :( I can only get 1 customer satifised because this whole level is nothing but customers with *s bout their head. please help!

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Help, I'm Stuck!

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just passed it :D use premium and make
potatoes au gratin for all customers with star sign it give about 200 + 40 tips + 50 for premium


Ha thank you, 3 stars to me using potato au gratin on all my * customers!


I got three stars using premium potatoes and Marrisa Ann's suggestion


Potatoes au gratin worked for me for everyone with a * symbol. Try to keep their hearts as filled as possible with coffee before serving. I used potatoes as a premium ingredient, too. I just got three stars with this method.


hi Jennifer,
were you able to get 3 stars doing this?


serving potato soup for all "*" works!


they all want hash browns on my one. :O(


You're all wrong, no offense. Just trying to help! Make nothing but Potatoes Au Gratin with premium ingredients you can get up to 290 coins per serving. :)


make sure you have premium potato ingredient, make sure to jack up the coffee when the hearts go down, make potato soup for all (*), guarantee 8000 points.


The model wants caesar salad, the cowboy wants bruschetta and the businessman wants tomato soup!!!


Firstly I buy the premium potatoes. For * customers I usually do tomato soup. It’s two ingredients and one step so knocks those out pretty quickly. If not that then something that is using a space in the kitchen that isn’t being occupied by other dishes. Good luck!

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