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Light-bulbQuick Walkthrough for Candy Crush Saga Level 54

by Mainewil Peetra - Oct 13, 2013 Star_s1,296 views

This is Lea's solution for Candy Crush Saga Level 54. Candy Cruish Saga Level 54 is about bringin g down four ingredients, so really... Don't bother wasting time making matches that aren't going to help any cherry or whalnut on its way down. When written and said  as it is, everyone kind of think. well, who would do that? But as I watch A LOT of vids to learn strategies and get tips for Candy Crush Saga and other cool facebook games the error to match candies on the wrong side of the board is really common, especially at lower ingredient levels. I too have done it on many occasions, but fortunately the game gives a slack so a few stupid natches can pass and you can still complete a level. 

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Usually you need to remove an ingredient in order to get a new one.


what causes the dumbird to fall in no 54

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