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Question-whiteHelp with level 68

by April Ann Wolfe - Oct 14, 2013 Star_s4,088 views

I need help with level 68 i can to get passed it

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12-em-plus add reply

The game provides 1 line clear. You need to make a 5 letter word nearby and then combine the two to make that twirly mega clearer thingy. Do the same near the top of the board. A 6-letter word to make a line clear and then a 5 letter word nearby and combine the 2.


I was stuck for a bit, too. I used the hammer option at the top to pop all the bonus tiles when I had three scattered about. All the side "W"s exploded too and I won that level! Surprised me, but it worked!


Can't figure out Level 68 Words of Wonder I'm Stuck 4 days Please help!

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