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Question-whitePick up a rubber spider

by Truus Smeets - Oct 16, 2013 Star_s609 views

When I pick up a rubber spider I dont get in in my game. Can you help me????

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FarmVille 2 knows about this issue. A link for it can be found over on the Sharing is Scaring quest thread:


same here. i can not even get the ones that i send out. i can not finish number 5 on my side quest because i need to do 3 trick or treat bags with the spiders. please someone fix this glitch.


Same problem here. I've noticed that whenever I click on one of the links, it says I've just sent a spider to that person. Not the other way around.


I have picked up at least 20 spiders and have not gotten credit for any of them. I CAN'T CONTINUE WITH THE QUEST UNLESS I PAY FB TO DO SO. Another Zynga ripoff.


same here no spiders and ask button stays blank


I'm having the same rubber spiders for me :-(


You would have to contact Zynga Support about that.

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