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Light-bulbHalloween 2013 - Ghostly Triplets

by Tonya Collins - Oct 18, 2013 Star_s1,813 views

We will see 4 main missions, a wrapper, and another wrapper on Monday. 
Instead of one building we will be building four decorations/buildings that will drop goodies!

The main one is the Open Grave, the original location of the Witches...
Then, as rewards, we'll get the Witches Wardrobe, Tainted Table and Haunted Hovel.

All together there will be 4 building stages, One for each decoration.

Along with this release we will be introduced to 3 new healables, which will be available in the market.

Instead of a new collection we will see an update to an old one! Last year's Countdown to Halloween Collection has been changed to give this year's new free gift crop instead of the XP.

-Gated at Level 15
-New Free Gift Crop – Bubbling Cauldron (1 hour harvest)
-Updated Collection - Countdown to Halloween

~~~~~Building Guide~~~~~

Stage One - The Witches Wardrobe
10 Spooky Overcoats - Direct Request
9 White Collars - Wall Post
15 Moody Candlelight - Basic Stills
10 Curly Wigs - Direct Request
12 Dusty Overalls - Wall Post
9 Moth-Eaten Hats - Worm Nests

Stage Two - Tainted Table
9 Smokin Punches - Crafted
10 Dark Dinnerware - Wall Post
8 Fried Spiders - Spider Trees
8 Eerie Placemats - Crafted
15 Skulled Chalices - Direct Request
13 Fearful Flowers - Black Roses
Crafting: Each Punch requires 5 Sour Grapes (Grapes) and 8 Frozen Carbon (Wall Post)
Each Placemat requires 6 Elegant Cloth (Silk) and 8 Black Thread (Direct Request)

Stage Three - Haunted Hollow
9 Roof Repairs - Crafted
16 Dusting Masks - Wall Post
13 Discoloured Pumpkins - Mini Pumpkins
10 Mysterious Beacons - Crafted
18 Unused Racks - Direct Request
20 Darkwood Cases - Fully Grown Oaks
Crafting: Each Repair requires 4 Grey Shingles (Debris) and 8 Roofing Frames (Wall Post)
Each Mysterious Beacon requires 6 Iron Scraps (Sieve Stations), 9 Heated Furnaces (Direct Request) and 4 Lamp Oil (Wall Post)

Stage Four - Open Grave
6 Striped Stalkings - Dressing at the Witches Wardrobe (Daily Bonus)
8 Busted Belts - Setting the Tainted Table (Daily Bonus)
10 Broom Straws - Tidying the Haunted Hovel (Daily Bonus)
16 Croney Bones - Drops from Healed Spirited Skeletons
12 Ghostly Songs - Crafted
10 Mysterious Beacons - Crafted
Crafting: Each Song requires 4 Odd Incantations (Spirit Flames), 6 Historical Entries (Wall Post) and 4 Music Sheets (Direct Request)
Each Mysterious Beacon requires 6 Iron Scraps (Sieve Stations), 9 Heated Furnaces (Direct Request) and 4 Lamp Oil (Wall Post)



1. Haunted Hank
-Gather 8 Clean Underwear for Hank
-Tend 30 Standard Adult Goats
-Place the Open Grave
Rewards: Witch's Wardrobe, 3 Bubbling Cauldrons, Spooky Crate
Notes: Underwear comes from Neighbour Goats.

2. Weeping Witch
-Translate Two Timeworn Tomes
-Gather 10 Puritan Pictures
-Complete the Witches Wardrobe
Rewards: Tainted Table, 3 Candy Corn, Candy Crate
Notes: Tomes are healed with 7 Script Translations. Puritan Pictures drop from Bleeding Hearts.
Each Translation requires 1 Brewing Essence (Bubbling Cauldrons) and 2 Ancient Texts (Wall Post)

3. Frightening Foodstuffs
-Collect 15 Stained Robes
-Shape three Shady Familiars
-Complete the Tainted Table
Rewards: Haunted Hovel, 3 Mini Pumpkins, Kitty
Notes: Robes come from Candy Corn. Shady Familiars are healed with 10 Mystical Vows.
Each vow requires 1 Brewing Essence (Bubbling Cauldrons) and 2 Black Bidding (Wall Post)

4. Stairway to Hovel
-Gather 10 Witchy Whereabouts
-Animate Four Spirited Skeletons
-Complete the Haunted Hovel
Rewards: Witchy Crate, 6 Bubbling Cauldrons, Belfry Tower
Notes: Witchy Whereabouts drop from Neighbour Pumpkins. Spirited Skeletons are healed with 12 Animated Chants.
Each Chant requires 1 Brewing Essence (Bubbling Cauldrons) and 2 Timeless Verses (Wall Post)

Wrapper 1: A Grave Unrest
-Complete the Stairway To Hovel Quest
-Gather 18 Familiar Scents
-Finish the Open Grave
Rewards: 3 Gnarled Trees, 3 Spooky Graves, 3 Crashed Witches
Notes: Familiar Scents drop from Healing the three healables, the Tomes, Skeletons and Familiars.

Wrapper 2: Protection from Passing (Monday)
-Tidy the Haunted Hovel 20 Times
-Ask for 25 Elixir Recipes
-Gather 15 Bone Dust
Rewards: Witchy Crate Craft, Witchy Crate, 3 Ghostly Pioneer Boosts
Notes: The Haunted Hovel is fixed up in the fourth mission. Elixir Recipes are requested. Bone Dust comes from Black Newts, Scarecrones and Skeletal Horse which arrive during the missions from the healables.






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