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Question-whiteno pics on wall posts = no snagging??

by Maria Wilkins - Oct 27, 2013 Star_s394 views

I've just posted a bunch of trees grown in the seedling nursery, and none of the wall posts showed a picture of the grown tree as they usually do

The snag bar on my partner's computer didn't pick up a single one, even though they're all checked to be snagged in the preferences list

I've also noticed that occasionally with new trees, when FV hasn't produced a pic for that tree yet, that these don't get snagged either

Does the snag bar need the picture of the item to be in a wall post, before it can be snagged, or is something else going on?

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12-em-plus add reply

All that I seem to be getting using the snagbar are the 'currency bundles'. I need those like a hole in the head! Really hope this works itself right soon. As a disabled player, I rely on what the G.U. finds in the feed to avoid more nerve damage in my hands from having to scroll friends' pages and all the clicking. My vision isn't wonderful either so not seeing a picture makes it tough to manually 'read' the posts.
At the present time I cannot even access the FV Facebook feed beyond a few minutes' time so maybe this is a good time to take a nap :-/


I haven't seen any trees at all or snagged any for a while now! Hope this is an easy task to solve :o)


I don't know Maria. It seems strange to me, too. The new Facebook layout that is being rolled out is what's creating this situation. With millions of Facebook users it will take quite some time until all FB accounts have the new layout. Once that is done, then Facebook and Farmville (Zynga), will need to get together to resolve this. That is, even if they can resolve it.


No Rae, it's all the trees I post, not just new ones (and I have no idea how unreleased trees are posted lol)

If it's a facebook thing, what reason would they have for removing the pictures from game posts, and it's only some pictures, not all of them, from within the same game

ie for me, it's just tree pictures, yet if I post animals, babies, quest requests etc, the pics are all there (and able to be picked up by the snag bar)


The no picture with trees is actually because of Facebook, not Farmville. They are implementing changes that are affecting more and more players daily. I don't know if Facebook plans on keeping it this way or if they will eventually listen to all the disgruntled players who want their pictures back. Fingers crossed that they change it back.


The no picture ones are those unreleased trees only? By this I mean- Some of my neighbors have a way of getting trees before they are released so if they post one and I get it it shows up as a shadow on my farm till it is officially released. 


Thank you for the response Rae and Tony

I'm thinking this is going to be quite a problem for the snag bar, as it appears that more and more people are being affected by this "no picture" thing with tree posts, amongst others, going by the number of posts appearing about it in the FV forum

Is there any info on whether this is going to be a permanent thing with FV (what a boring wall feed that's going to be!) or if GU will be adapting the snag bar to somehow pick this feed up again?


Tony says "Yep, we need the image of the tree in the feed post, and the action link both for trees.  If we don't add the action link to each tree we submit, it ends up picking up coins as well as the tree.  So it's a combo deal for trees."


Sorry. I will send Tony this he can answer it. He is an admin




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