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Light-bulbThe New Farm Holiday lights Preview Show (what you get)

by Rae Hall - Nov 01, 2013 Star_s89 views

Proceeds go to Feed America.   


May come out Monday but definitely early next week.


45 FV cash Gets you: It all goes to Feed America program

Starter Pack



A quest for buyers only


When they hit certain amounts raised a free gift given to farmers



As you unwrap presents (all 30) you get a free unwither ring

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12-em-plus add reply

After the last fundraising fiasco (stuck at 99% so no one got the prize), many are leery of any new features like this. I really cannot believe they raised 1% short of goal. Lately, Zynga has gotten greedier by the week, day, hour despite communications from players. It seems like they listen up only if they think they can milk a new cash cow. They raised the amount of bushel storage by a big 25 and divided by 16 farms, that's not even 1 bushel per farm.
Still, I'm a sucker for FarmVille and continue to play despite losing other neighbors/friends in the game due to the above and the many glitches that go unfixed. I really think that if they spent the time it took to develop any new farm and worked out the existing bugs, more people would be enthusiastic when a new farm did roll out.

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