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Question-whiteFV2 Gifts limit NEEDS RAISED!!!

by Russell Bradnick - Nov 04, 2013 Star_s180 views

You know I get really really tired of it telling me I accepted too many gifts even when I use the snag bar getting 16 gifts and then use the link exchange to get what I REALLY need to build sprinkers or owl houses and etc. I have about 50 FV2 friends but the limit is only 30 gifts!!!. This gift limit of 30 needs to be raised higher say 50 gifts because I'm 52 years old and I don't have a lifetime to play FV2 because at a limit of only 30 gifts it takes a lifetime just to get anywhere!!! To whoever does the technical changes to FV2 this gift limit needs raised big time cuz otherwise there's no need for most of us to keep playing because we don't have a lifetime to build a full farm and to finish these quests and build the owl houses and etc. because if we farmers can only grab this minute number of gifts then this Link Exchange and GU snag bar and other GU tools for FV2 serves no purpose because the purpose of these tools is defeated by this tiny limit of gifts we have to farm by.

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12-em-plus add reply

I agree, limiting how many gifts we can get in a day is stupid, how are we supposed to keep up with the constant demands of the game when they limit us. Regardless of age (I'm 51), this is a GAME, its supposed to be FUN, and something you do to RELAX, - not relaxing when you keep getting told "you have accepted too many gifts". At least FV1 doesnt limit you like this! (never thought I'd say anything good about FV1)


I do agree with you Russell, I am 63 and have even less life to get everything! lol I think as you get to higher levels your gift allowance should go up a bit too, that seems fair to me.

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