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Light-bulbHow do you move items around in the game?

by Tracey G. Giesen - Nov 04, 2013 Star_s4,917 views

I have been trying to move items around. I cannot figure it out. Can someone help.

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12-em-plus add reply

Hold down on the item until the check mark and X show up then drag to where you want then click the check mark


The only way I've found to move things is to click the "hand" at the bottom left of screen, then click the "store to inventory" box (top option above the "hand")... click on 1 of your buildings & when it asks "Are you sure you want to move this building to storage?", select NO. Then click the "move object" button (bottom option w/the arrows, just above the "hand"). You should then be able to move your building type structures. (tree/plants/rocks are immovable, yet berry bushes are) Hope this helps ya'll. Good Luck! : )


click the "hand" bottom left of screen click the item you want to move then click and hold and drag

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