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Light-bulbFauna Forge Heroic Mode -_-

by Chris Holbert - Nov 09, 2013 Star_s15,581 views

No cannon, and I need tons of AOE to beat this. I had 5 barracks crowded around together and all of them had 1 level of taunt, that's 30 mobs they can hold off! Yet they still got through. It's always the magic resistance dog things that slide through my defenses.

So what upgrades in arrow, barracks and mage have AOE?? So far I don't have any, only cannons do AOE.

First some character update:

-All four towers are level 25.

-I use level 31 Robin, Korina and Durin all max augmented with a mix of level 2 and 3 skills.

-I have jungle warfare and its two upgrades, sniper but no upgrades.

-Calvary and its two upgrades.

-Bombadier and its two upgrades.

-Geo tower and its two upgrades.

Thanks in advance if you can spare any advice.

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12-em-plus add reply

Hello guys, I've managed to pass the level using the 5 spaces in the screen shot.
Before starting I've set an assassin tower with max Fly Cutter at 4, the two barracks (no upgrades) and a archer tower (level 2) at 5. The heroes were slightly behind the soldiers, that stood right when the two paths merge. Called all reinforcements there, the thunder magic was saved for killing the first bear enemy and then to kill trespassers. Save the blizzard for the moment you think the mob is too big. So, whe the game begins:
- Upgrade both barracks to level 2.
- Arrow tower on 6 to get Fly Cutter level 1.
- Upgrade both barracks to level 3
- Put an archer on 4 and upgrade to get Fly cutter level 1
- At this time the mob was really big, so I put the Explosive Shot level 1 on the tower 5.
- Max Fly Cutter to tower 5, then tower 3.
Not sure if it will work so well with all of you, I've got the archer tower level 31 and the barracks 27, which I leveled while waiting to get enough Dark Soul Crystals to get the Fly Cutter upgrade, but a little tip is that the Fly Cutter (250, 200, 200 cost) hits 3 enemies (5 at max) with ALL attacks and even if they're quite separated. Also, everytime you upgrade the Explosive Shot they will use the skill on their next attack, so, if you save money enough to get the upgrade, you can actually choose when they activate it. If you save 650 gold and upgrade slowly, they will even cast it 3 times in a row. Use this in your advantage when your blizzard spell is on CD.
Hope it was useful ;D


Will; is there any way you can post a screen-shot of your setup? I've been trying to beat Fauna Forge on hard mode for a while and havn't had any luck; the final wave is what kills me. I beat the Heroic no problem with two stars but I can't seem to get close with Hard mode...


I finished it with 3 frozen wands (out of 6), no assassin towers (just the armor piercing arrows (the first ones) that fire very fast).

The trick was kinda simple once I thought of it. I played through a bunch of times without using any wands etc, to see what worked best. The arrow towers work best on the dogs, and mage towers work well on the fire magma guys. I set it up with a bunch of arrow towers/mage towers near the exit...using my summoned minions + heroes to block it off for early waves. I also had plenty of arrow towers set up to take out the enemies coming from below (or whittle them down a bunch). That in combo with my ice storm spell takes care of the early waves fairly well.

Then, once you hit the big giant force of enemies at the end, you wait till they are all in range of your towers...and freeze them. It took me 3 times to kill them all, and I messed up and some got through, so I only finished with 1 star). I was able to finish hard mode with all 3 though easily. My towers where around level 23, I only have 2 heroes (archer and knight), I have NO tower upgrades (the last tier ones), although I have 3rd tier of fighter (The gladiator ones...seem to do the most damage), 3 tier archer (the free one they force on you), and 3rd tier mage (um middle one I think), none of their special powers as I can't get enough friends to give me the items I need for them.

I just realized I can save up honor to purchase reputation for my next hero...but I'm only at 12k honor and I need 25k to buy the 5 hearts I need left (I never get her as a pick from the tavern anymore). I got to the next heroic level after this..and lost on my first fight...gonna have to play around with that one probably as well a bit..but I have 3 more frozen wands to use if need be.


Is the explosive upgrade from the assassins tower better than the fly cutter for the lava levels? I dont have any upgrade of them yet, but with the next fighting pits reset I can afford one to upgrade ^^


I can't get enough money in time fot your tactics :O
First i put two baracks, then i have enough for 2 assasintowers with 1 bombard skil.
but as soon as the wolfriders attack from the left portal i loose. still havent enough money for upgrading more towers AND the barracs :( Those are lvl 30!


can you make a photo of your tower set up ??


So I've finally beat it by getting the assassin towers with the fire bombing skill (and 2 ice wands).
What I did was set up 2 barracks at the two spots near the heroes.
Right across from the heroes are 3 spots, these are where I put my archers.
Upgrade all of your archers to assassin level.
Learn fire bomb level 1 for each tower, then level 2 then 3 going in order.
After the assassins are maxed, max out your barracks to cavalry, then get the taunt thing first, then the bigger shields skill.
Assassin towers WIN because they do both physical and magical.


that's GREAT that assassins have an aoe skill. Do any mage towers have aoe? The OHKO and time warp skills have too low of a chance to work, I tried that already. They do work, and they are good to use on a stage when the entry point is farther away from the exit point, which is not like this level.


I've been stumped on this one for quite some time now. I found my closest attempts to be with assassin towers upgraded with it's abilities, and trying to stagger the magic dogs along the way with barracks in less opportune tower position. Sadly, I still get overwhelmed, though I don't have the maxed hero augments and they are only level 27. I do use taunt, but when I try to concentrate on that as opposed to upgrading the assassin towers first, I find I succumb more quickly. I've been tossing around the idea of a magic tower ability that teleports or OHKO, or possibly even charms but I don't know if any of those abilities would prove effective vs the magic resistance. And yes, it's always the dogs that break through.

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