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Light-bulbSome information about the upcoming Prize Pasture

by Alan Attebery - Nov 10, 2013 Star_s11,457 views

Hey guys,

I've come across some information regarding the upcoing Prize Pasture that I thougt I would pass along since so many of us have questions about it.

To start with, the new Prize Pasture is expected to be released either this week or next week.

There are two Buildings involved with the Prize Pasture: The Fuel Pump and the Fertilizer Plane.

When this feature is released, we will get a notice to place the Fuel Pump on our farm and build it. Once we have done that, the Prize Pasture will unlock. At this point, we will be able to take out all of our Prized animals in our Inventory and place them in the new Prize Pasture. The Fuel Pump can apparently be upgraded to hold more fuel depending on how many Prized Animals we have. Either contained in the Prize Pasture or at some point shortly after we unlock it, we will be given a Fertilizer Plane that we will need to repair.

When all is up and running, the Prize Pasture will work like this: Every 18 to 24 hours (exact time unknown but expected to be 18 hours like our Prized Shelters), we will be able to tend the Prize Pasture. This will result in us getting Fuel that will go straight into the Fuel Pump. We will then be able to use the Fuel Pump to fill up the Fertilizer Plane, which we can then use to Fertilize our crops.

I don't know exactly how the Fertilizer Plane will work. There does appear to be Bonus Fertilizer involved with it, but I don't know how much. It could be a set amount of Bonus Fertilizer, or it could be tied to how much our Fuel Pump can hold (ie., it could be that if our Fuel Pump can hold 10 Fuels, we get 10 Bonus Fertilizer). I also don't know if the Fertlizer Plane will fertlizee all of our crops or just whatever Bonus Fertilizer we get or if there is some between involved.

I also don't know if we will be able to snag any Fuel for the Fuel Pump outside of tending the Prize Pasture. My initial thought is no since we already snag fuel for the Crop Dryer. And no, I do not expect us to be able to use Fuel from the Crop Dryer in the Fuel Pump instead or vice versa (though this is just an assumption).

So that's what I know so far. Thankfully it doesn't appear as if we will have to wait too long for this new feature to be released and we'll know for sure what is going to happen.


UPDATE 11/14/13 @ 6:02 AM:

FarmVille 2 has begun rolling out the Prize Pasture for those who are willing to pay FV2 Bucks. As for regular release, their blog says they will "be rolling this feature out to all players over the upcoming months."

Additional information I now know is:

  1. That you will have to be Level 15 to have access to the Prize Pasture.
  2. The original Fuel Pump will already be fully built when you get it
  3. There will be an option to automatically add all Prized Animals on your farm to the Prize Pasture. Prized Animals in your Inventory will have to be manually added (oh the hours of fun we'll have doing that).
  4. The number of animals in the Pasture will determine how much Fuel your Fuel Pump can hold; you will have to upgrade the Fuel Pump each time you outgrow the old level
  5. Currently, the maximum amount of Fuel the Fuel Pump can hold after all upgrades is 45
  6. Fuel in the Fuel Pump CAN be used in the Crop Dryer
  7. The Pasture appears to be on an 18-hour tending cycle

Okay. That's what I know so far.

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A new Prized Pasture thread has been created. Please post all comments there:


Finally i get my pasture this morning !!!!!!! sign of the plane yet..maybe a Xmas present lol


Mine still says 'coming soon' too


@Anas Khan - You will get it whenever FarmVille 2 decides to release it to you. That is, after all, what "slow release" means.


My Prize Pasture still says "Coming Soon."
m at level 61... whn i get it.???


@Alan Attebery
60G for a prized Polish Silver Laced chicken.
That's the only reason I keep my hen house going.


Jean Ferris your well is in haeven

Hy farmers,

This is a easy cool cheat for water, cheat engine scan for coins make coins into water

and sell items from your inventory


Am missing a well I had 6 wells now down a well was wondering where it went


if you put the prized animals in pasture you get the fuel but not the prized goods that is true if you want the goods click on the pasture bottom left you can remove the animals you want and return them to the farm but you have to wait the normal time to harvest them.


@Sue Cole - It will release when it releases. What part of "slow release" to people not understand?


My Prize Pasture still says "Coming Soon." when Christmas


@BettyAnn Botha - You just have to decide which you need more of: Fuel or Coins. With the exception of the Highland Cow, I can't think of a single Prized Animal that really gives much in the way of Coins. So for me, I would only consider selling my Prized Animals if I needed to scrape together that last 50,000 Coins or so. And even then I probably wouldn't.


Ok just checking: my fuel meter says I have 61 prized animals in my pasture and I need another 14 to upgrade to (I think) 20 fuel? does that sound right? Cos I think there are a whole lot of people out there who need to sell their animals to make money for expansions so they must be really battling?


@Loncar Jelena & @Vjn Karan - I don't have it either. As it clearly states in the original post of this thread as well as in many of the replies I've made below, this feature is on a slow release. There is nothing you can do to get it sooner. You will get it when you get it.


My Prize Pasture still says "Coming Soon."


Hi! I saw that you wrote about the Pasture more than two weeks ago and I still don't have option to use it.All my friends made a fertilizer plane but I didn't got it :-( can you tell me what to do?


@Alan Attebery-

thank you, i came back to apologize to anyone whom I may have confused because I hadn't figured it out until now! Thanks


im kinda disappointed with the pasture coz i thought we could also transfer trees and stuff there aside from prized animals


@Laurianne Sorenson-Mathews - Just click the Prize Pasture to open a box that will allow you to look through all the animals you have placed in there. You should then be able to pull out any that you want.


@Simmi Celli- It didn't occur to me that the animals wouldn't be just as accessible as they are now.

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