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Question-whiteThe Vineyard thing

by Lori Balkus - Nov 10, 2013 Star_s266 views

How are we supposed to cook anything if we need the blue 'sheets' to unlock the barrels, vines, rocks, and trellis in order to cook - and in order to cook, we need various types of grapes, which you can't get until you unlock the barrels, vines, rocks, and trellis. Sure, this sounds stupid, but then that's precisely how this quest operates. It keeps asking me to start cooking, but I need the blue sheets to cook, and I can only get the blue 'sheets' by clicking on and building the rocks, barrels, vines, and trellis. When I click on said items, it wants the blue 'sheets' - which I can't get unless I cook.


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12-em-plus add reply

The different grapes are available in the market. I have bought some of all types (around 5). You have to have the Fruit Processor and the Oak Cask completed, so you can craft crushed grapes and cider needed to cook the dishes.


I think you have to buy the grapes, then harvest, then use the crusher, then use the cider maker. And THEN you can cook something, which will give you a blue sheet. Frankly, I've had less trouble assembling a desk than I have working on the vineyard. Totally not sure it's worth it.

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