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Light-bulbLimited Time Recipes and Products

by Hanlie Duvenage - Nov 16, 2013 Star_s90 views

Just wondering - I have some products left over that were used for the limited time recipes, like the glass gem corn. Is there any use for them? Should I just keep it and hope that they will be used in future?

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12-em-plus add reply

Glass gem corn is used to craft valuable recipes. They're still available for crafting (and are probably going to stay available), as well as the purple dragon carrots, loganberry, duck potato recipes, etc. Be sure to go through all available recipes in the kitchen and the workshop before you grind those valuable limited time ingredients.

P.S. Even if the recipes are unavailable, you could still save those ingredients if you're not short on food. You never know if Zynga might decide to bring some old recipes back, even for a limited amount of time.


I use all my excess limited time items for feed. I try and plant the minimum of these items and only if they are required for quests - because I am on a high level my normal crops give me better XP and county fair points anyway.

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