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Light-bulbTimed Quest: Winter Is Coming (8 missions)

by Alan Attebery - Nov 18, 2013 Star_s11,064 views


In case you haven't looked up from your computer recently, winter is coming. Barbara would like your help getting her B&B ready to go for the winter. The Winter Is Coming quest will help you prepare the B&B. In addition, you will be building a Fire Pit for the upcoming Fall Bonfire. Lots to do.

There are 8 missions in this quest and IT IS A TIMED one. You must be at least Level ?? to receive this quest. The expected end date is Tuesday, December 3.

See below for the requirements and rewards for the Winter Is Coming quest along with the Fire Pit.



NOTE: Although the Winter is Coming quest will end on December 3, the associated Fire Pit will not end until December 10.



Fire Pit - Place
Fire Pit - Place

Rewards: n/a


Fire Pit - Materials
Fire Pit - Materials
Collect 10 Kindling Piles
Collect 10 Limestone Bricks
Collect 10 Stone Hammers

Rewards: n/a


Fire Pit - Builders
Fire Pit - Builders

Rewards: n/a



Fire Pit - Fall Bonfire
Fire Pit - Fall Bonfire
1st Bonfire: Have 2 Olive Oil, 8 Lumbers, 3 Tinders
2nd Bonfire: Have 3 Pumpkin Pies, 3 Tomato Soups, 3 Vegetable Kabobs
3rd Bonfire: Have 2 Milk Chocolate Bars, 8 Marshmallow Candies, 3 Graham Crackers
4th Bonfire: Have 8 Leather Journals, 3 Votive Candles, 2 Vintage Flashlights
5th Bonfire: Have 8 Feather Charms, 3 Bonfire Banjos, 3 Outdoor Pillows

1st Bonfire Rewards: Fertilizer, Power, Nighttime (aka +1 Crop)
2nd Bonfire Rewards: Speed-Feed, Power, Nighttime
3rd Bonfire Rewards: Speed-Grow, Power, Nighttime
4th Bonfire Rewards: Baby Bottles, Power, Nighttime
5th Bonfire Rewards: Red Bell Pepper Packet, Power, Nighttime

NOTE 1: The Bonfire Rewards go straight into your Inventory. Make sure you have the room in there for the items to fit before starting the Bonfire.

NOTE 2: Although you can start the next Bonfire immediately, you might want to consider waiting until the Nighttime from the previous Bonfire ends.

NOTE 3: Additional Fall Fire Pits are available in the General Store for 25,000 Coins.



Winter Is Coming: 1 of 8 - Fire It Up
Fire It Up
Place Fall Fire Pit
Water 4 Trees
Perform 5 Neighbor Actions

Rewards: 30 XP & 300 Coins & 1 Wax


Winter is Coming: 2 of 8 - Stock Up Fur Winter
Stock Up Fur Winter
Collect 5 Winter Postcards
Feed 1 Adult Buffalo
Fertilize 8 Pumpkins

Rewards: 35 XP & 350 Coins & 1 Wax


Winter is Coming: 3 of 8 - The Upper Crust
The Upper Crust
Harvest 16 Wheat
Feed 6 Adult Chickens
Make 4 Apple Scones

Rewards: 40 XP & 400 Coins & 1 Wax


Winter is Coming: 4 of 8 - Thanks Furry Much!
Thanks Furry Much!
Collect 5 Draft Stopper
Feed 4 Adult Sheep
Make 3 Heavy Fur Throw

Rewards: 45 XP & 450 Coins & 1 Skewer


Winter is Coming: 5 of 8 - Don't Forget to Votive
Don't Forget to Votive
Tend Furnance 2 times
Harvest 4 Olive Trees
Make 3 Votive Candles

Rewards: 50 XP & 550 Coins & 1 Fertilizer


Winter is Coming: 6 of 8 - Fast and Furry Us
Fast and Furry Us
Tend Rabbit Warren 2 times
Feed 4 Adult Buffalo
Make 2 Soft Fur Blankets

Rewards: 90 XP & 900 Coins & 1 Speed-Feed


Winter is Coming: 7 of 8 - Kind of Flaky
Kind of Flaky
Collect 5 Snowflake Decorations
Complete 4 Grocer Tasks
Make 3 Wool Saddle Blankets

Rewards: 70 XP & 650 Coins & 1 Speed-Grow


Winter is Coming: 8 of 8 - Horse Blanket Bingo
Horse Blanket Bingo
Tend Sheep Shack 2 times
Harvest 30 Blueberries
Make 4 Embroidered Horse Blankets

Rewards: 120 XP & 1100 Coins & 1 Baby Bottle

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12-em-plus add reply

Hi is there any new quests to do since the snow flurries?
My farm never got flurried so was wondering if working properly
I have done the above challenges,although my bonfire glowing only lasts a few minutes :(
many thanks


Deb. Finish all the quests ,get rid of the bonfire to the inventory and by the next day th farm will be light. Dont buy any more pits and the farm willstay light.I think the mushrooms will show once the pig feasting station is completed like the 'points' on the previous quest.


My farm is always dark. If I finish all my quests form one bonfire will it stay light?. I am not putting any more up because I have trouble seeing the dark farm. I get mushrooms collected from friends but I can't find them in my inventory. They don't show up when I need to make something with them. Help


Mj I found out about the frogs right after the water crops started. I only get them with the water lilies. I also found out that after you chase them back in the pond a few times (exact number not known) you may get goods. I have gotten baby bottles as well as points!


What good is fire pit after we use up all quests and get the pepper packet? The rewards were great. It's now worth nothing as far as I can see. At least the powers that be, could have left it burning like the patio fire pit. Burn when clicked on.Bummer for me anyway. I'm not buying any more, can't see at night any way.


Regarding how many fire pits you can buy...zynga support wrote this yesterday:

"We have received a few reports from players who are unable to purchase additional Fire Pit after purchasing and completing a maximum of three. We would like to make a correction on the article published about the Fire Pit and we apologize for the confusion. Players can only purchase up to maximum of three Fire Pits."


@Carol C Smith - Nighttime gives you +1 Crop. So if your crops are unfertilized, you will get 2 crops per plot. If your crops are fertlized, then you will get 3 crops per plot. The +1 Crop does not affect Mastery.

@Lucy Fang Yu Chang - I haven't seen anything stating how many Fire Pits a farm can have. It may be there is a limit of three on the farm at a time, so you may need to finish and remove one in order to add another. Or it could be that three is the absolute limit. Or it could be a temporary glitch.


I bought 3 fall fire pits, but today I want to buy another two fire pits, and it was disappeared from the general store, Isn't we can buy up to 5 fire pits? Does anyone has the same problem? What should I do to buy the other two? Help, please!


do i have this right or am i just missing it? lol when you harvest at night (from campfire reward) you get twice the crops (like to use in the cook house) but it only still counts as one for mastery (blue ribbons)? cuz my count does not go down two per plot but it shows two crops bouncing when i harvest.


@Steve Hayes - Yeah, my second go-round is giving much lower amounts than what I got the first time. So I've removed the amounts from the rewards listing above.


They came as 5 by 2 packs - thats all and I had got a load of babies all ready :(
Never mind
Thank you for your help


@Steve Hayes - Check your Inventory to see if those Bottles are 2-pack Bottles. My 24 Bottles came as 12 Bottle 2 Packs, which comes out to 24 Bottles. Also, I'm beginning to think that the amounts may vary because I'm on my second Fire Pit and the amounts I got on the first goal were much less. If that happens again, I may remove the amounts from the list above.


ok. Sence I don't see it I'm going to ask. If I buy extra fire pits do I have to have them built before I can build a fire (ie get 10 kindling etc all over again) or are they already built?

Plus... I swear up and down I activated my first bonfire last evening. It just ran out at around 2pm - so it didn't last 24 hours. I didn't see a counter on it this time (ie how many hours of dark I had left.) So I was surprised.


I have just lit my fourth bonfire and only got 10 bottles has anyone else had this problem - it says we should have 24.


ugh! I thought I was being smart when waiting till the previous darkness ran out to move forward with the next night fall but apparently that isnt the case, the friends I invited to the bonfire went away and now I have to re-invite people :-/


OOOhhh thanks


@Mj Di it happens when you plant white lily


OK this doesn't have to do with this goal but am I the only one that has just figured out if you click the frogs by the river you get experience points? 1 point a frog.


Does anyone else find the night time view hard to see besides me ?


@Julie Poynting - The dark only lasts 24 hours from the last time it was activated. If you don't like it and the +1 Crop it gives you, then just ignore your farm until it's daylight again. Then you can go back to harvesting your farm with no bonus again.

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