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Light-bulbLevel 106 tips

by Lynette Lawrence - Nov 22, 2013 Star_s16,012 views

For level 106 you can use both springs (line blasters) and rockets to clear the rows of metal boxes from under the pets.

It can be done with rockets alone, to just clear each column that the pets are in, but it is difficult to get enough points to build up enough rockets.

I found it easier setting off the top three springs, (3rd one fist, then work up)

Then the 5th spring needs to go to release the key.

But I saved the 4th one to drop down until it was level with the metal boxes to clear them in one hit, (after the key was released.)

Always make as many matches (with the largest amounts of blocks you can gather) before using boosters - the exception to this is when you need to specifically clear something like the metal boxes, lol.

here is a video example: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=570020389714352&set=vb.100001191882331&type=3&theater

NewFor more videos, please visit Gamers Unite! IOS Pet Rescue Saga Level 106 Walkthroughs.

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Before you hiy "play" you can buy pick axes with them :)


what can you do with the accumulated coins? What is their purpose?

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