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5 Level 206 170 people

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Light-bulbHow to get free Block Buster Boosters in Pet Rescue Saga (no hack, no cheat)

by Mainewil Peetra - Dec 06, 2013 Star_s21,091 views

How to get free Block Buster Boosters (Hammers) in Pet Rescue Saga / Facebook

You can buy 3 Block Buster Boosters with Pet Rescue Saga coins, you need to click on the Block buster Booster icon BEFORE you start a level, if you try to buy the Block Buster Booster when you are already playing the level, it will cost you Pet rescue Saga gold bars.

Whenever you get stuck for a day on any level, you will start appear in friends lists that they get when they open the game and they can send you Block Buster Boosters. 

How to get free Block Buster Boosters (Hammers) in Pet Rescue Saga / Android, iPad, iPhone

See too it that you have connected your game to Facebook, so you don't lose any progress in the game. Then unistall the game and reinstall the game, don't connect to Facebook yet. Play the game until level 7 and get 3 free Block Buster Boosters, then connect to FB. Your progress is back and the newly gained Block Buster Boosters can be used at any higher level. 


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petrescuesaga.cheatcodestoday.com Lel, this works out !

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